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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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sometimes I horrify myself. oh john.
children of dune - leto 1
Thanks to z_rayne, yin_again, and libitina, with their crossovers and their addictiveness, I suddenly have this insane desire to write crossover porn. I mean, the lightest, candiest crossover porn ever. Mostly, I just want to get John Sheppard laid as much and with as many people as possible with little to no actual plot. It'd probably be this weird bar in the midwest--it's always a weird bar in the midwest, you know--where all the universes converge and he'd wander in for a beer and let's face it, he'd end up molested. So. Much.

Currently horrifying myself with John Sheppard/Jean-Luc Picard in a shuttecraft. They both speak French.

Hmm. Kind of like a multiverse game of clue, really.

*rubs eyes* I need more sleep or possibly a mild anti-psychotic.

I don't even know how it would *work*. I just really *really* want it, darn it.

There's like this list in my head that keeps getting longer.

I would read that, too. Patrick Stewart has one of the sexiest voices ever so his voice + French + John = happy.

I don't know how it would work, either, but there was that jumper that could time travel in SG-1 so I imagine once you're warping time space maybe you could just happen to find yourself jumping realities too.

Yes. Voice + John + French = happy.

Hmm. Jumper bending reality. It could work.

Oddly(or maybe not so oddly), there is a fic about a bar like that, in the Buffy 'verse. You should totally check it out:

You have officially made me the happiest person on lj.

*goes to read*

Sometimes you horrify me. Picard? Where's my handy brain wipe device? I need it now. Besides, Picard would probably mug Sheppard for his hair. Or Q would show up and ruin the moment.

I know! I can't even write Picard!

Hmm. Picard/Sheppard/Q. Also works.

I'd read it. Picard was hot.

Yes. Yes he was. *thinks about Picard being commanding*

You could totally do it. There's a quantum thingy device. Yeah. That's it.


Just because.

Heh. Shuttlecraft. I'd read it. Question is, how did Picard get there? Maybe there was this wormhole that transported John to the future, and the Enterprise had to figure out how to open the wormhole to send him home... OR it could be the Guardian of Forever spits John out at Captain Picard's feet, and he can't tell anyone when he gets back, because they wouldn't believe him.

*g* I'd love to hear his explanation, too. *G*

There is no crossover human/human porn that I do not approve of.

For the record.


(Deleted comment)
In case you were not aware, John is the third Mrs. Malcolm Reynolds. Little known fact.

*grins* He'd be good as a companion.

(Deleted comment)
It's very traumatizing! All--weird. And watching it count down characters!

Send him to Callahan's Crosstime Saloon!

I'm still liking the idea of SGA/QAF. Because, seriously, John would be Babylon's bottom boy bitch.

However you have not beaten the cracky crossover idea I had in the shower today. *cackle* But I'm not telling -- I must go write it now.

Dear God yes. Well, Brian/John = love.

John Sheppard/Lex Luthor

John Sheppard/Methos

John Sheppard/Theora (from Max Headroom)

John Sheppard/Billy Tallent (theirhairissoexperimental)

John Sheppard/Summer Roberts

John Sheppard/Wesley Wyndham-Pryce

John Sheppard/Faith (*rowr*)

John Sheppard/Dominic Toretto

John Sheppard/Simon Tam

John Sheppard/Niki Sanders (OMG, the PRETTY!)

John Sheppard/Jake Green (theirloveispostapocalyptic!)

John Sheppard/Julian Sark (all about the ZPMs, baby. There's even canon in Alias)

John Sheppard/Aragorn

John Sheppard/Remus Lupin

John Sheppard/Abby Sciuto

John Sheppard/Han Solo

John Sheppard/Vala Mal Doran

John Sheppard/Shawn Farrell

John Sheppard/Amanda Tanner

John Sheppard/Veronica Mars

John Sheppard/Beverly Crusher

John Sheppard/Rogue

That was fun!

*eyes you*

John Sheppard/Simon Tam

Okay, my brain just imploded. Like, completely.

If anyone needs me, I'll be the one in the corner whimpering about how hot the non-existant porn would be.

(Deleted comment)