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i'm in a mood to be chatty

My fingers hurt.

See, there's this thing. Remember what I said about the files being in three different places? Right. Well, now they're being--well, the word is shifted, but it doesn't exactly cover the blank horror I'm enduring these days.

It starts something like this, Monday morning.

Jenn: I need my login and passwords. (for the computer)
Boss #2: Hmm. I wonder if Boss #1 sent those in yet.
Jenn: (thinking) I've been here a week! What do you MEAN, not sent those in yet??? (out loud) Oh.
Boss #2: Let me make a few calls.
Jenn: (thinking) I am getting paid, right? I'm IN the pay system? (out loud) Okay.
Boss #2: Until then, observe and help out around the front.

Okay, that was boring. And not just any kind of boring, but philosophy class taught by a tenured ninety year old professor boring. My GOD. No computer access, nothing to do but watch, and watching people type? Marvelously non-interesting.

So I wandered into the file room to see if they needed any help there. All one of them, who also doesn't have that job, but whose job is doing something bizarre involving permissions that I don't get.

Now, thanks to those who handled the Texas budget, the budget is currently at ten billion over (I got the numbers right, Texans?). So such things as File Clerks are either cut or simply not given approval for hiring.

Ask me how that file room looks. Go ahead. Ask.

My room is cleaner.

Anyway, I started off light--organizing the really really confusing bits, kind fo casual. Tuesday morning saw me on the floor, relabeling. By afternoon my very very carefully controlled obsessive tendencies kicked in and saw me starting in a particularly random file cabinet to get things in order. Wednesday, I started at the very beginning of the file cabinets against the left wall, surname Linan.

To give you an idea of size.

I work eight hour days. I started Rodriguez on Tuesday afternoon and finished that surname alone, but granted, I spent two hours in charge of mail. So let's give it two hours on Tuesday, eight on Wednesday, eight on Thursday. I started Linan first thing Wednesday morning

I just got to Miller.

Think about that one.

Thta is averaging four to five and a half entire cabinets a day. That's one to one and a half cabinets every two hours. Sort of. And I work fast. As I know the alphabet.

These things weren't just a mess of disorganization. They were like the very Tartalus of disorganization. Entire levels of hell are, I'm sure, devoted to this kind of disorder. It was almost an aggressive kind of mess, literally something you should have to WORK at to achieve.

I'm on MILLER.

Okay, so part of it I spent relabeling, because, well, peopel for reasons that passeth my understadning write file names in CURSIVE. Like, doctor-prescription cursive. I found labels, grabbed a pen, and sat down to deal.

Again, obsessive not good here. I had to make myself walk away for breaks and lunch, thinking, one more drawer. Just ONE more. No, it's NOT a work ethic--I am lazy, dammit. It's just--this need to FIX this.

Now, folders are in a cabinet, sometimes overstuffed, bradded, and also stapled things to. Ask me what my cuticles look like.

And has anyone ever gotten a paper cut from a fucking MANILLA FILE? Or brad abrasions? Or staples under the fingernails?

So I resorted to tape. Except we ran out.

Now here's the other funny thing about this entire budget sitch going on in Texas. Office supplies are in short supply. Like, don't exist. I found, by merest chance, packing tape and used that to cover my fingers to the first knuckle--stands up well and all. What, there are thingies you can buy for this work? You don't say. Beth told me. Do you think we have them?

We can't even keep up in STAPLES.

So, off to my Mother I go, who works on a project a couple of buildings over (same agency, much higher rank, different division entirely). Their supplies are somewhat better (think mere wasteland as opposed to desert), so Mom raided the supply cabinet and got me post-it notes (a Holy Item at work that I hide jealously) and clear tape. Not as good as packing tape, but it'll do. Rips much easier, but at least I get some protection.

My fingers hurt. I've lost sensitive skin in places that really need it. I used tape to cover up cuts so I wouldn't bleed on the files (bandaids? What are those? Again, no STAPLES either).

I'm bitter toward the Texas legislature today. Boxes of pens and pencils are delivered personally and rationed out. It's quite the experience.

I'm so amused.

Anyway, today talked to Boss #2 while he tried to figure out if I was in the system. Some of my passwords have been handed over, but my permissions to use the databases and login on the computer aren't around yet. This isn't nuclear warfare I'm working on, but hey, whatever floats the bureaucratic boat. They should be in next week, and by then, I'll have forgotten most of my training. Bigger plus, the current system is being upgraded to a completely different one in June, so all I've learned and am forgetting? Won't be used anymore come June.

*grins* I still love my job. I am never bored. Slightly manic, but never bored.

Beth, I got the address. Remind me to give it to you tonight.


Anyway, other than that, everything moves smoothly. Let's rec, because I can't read anything at work (did i mention that lack of login codes?).


Ruby Truth by valentinemichel. Whatever you're doing, just stop. Don't care what. Leave the heart patient on the table. Okay, if yo'ure reading this, you're not doing surgery, so you have no excuse. Read this now. I want someone to discuss it with. I'd like to devote a damn entry to this.

No actual Clex, though either intentional or unintentional slashiness. A plotline that's solid, but you know? Secondary to what I love here. Some interesting new characters. And a meaty, gripping story with Clark, Red Kryptonite, and an AU we've all played with and Valentine has taken to the next level.

Read it. Read it and enjoy it and think what-if. Ah yes, this reminds me why every so often fanfic kicks me in the teeth and makes me like it.

Spring Break by tstar78 Mmm. Caro-porn. A dish best served while one isn't writhing in pain, but also works as well as aspirin to distract. *huggles* Oh yeah. Lovely, darling. Plus, college Clark! Yay!

Cotton Candy by shellah. And someone else makes me all giggly and happy! Lovely bit of carnival smutness that ooooh. Mmmm.

Waiting by the Phone by jacynrebekah

Near Fifth and Vine by martianhousecat. And MHC, I love you, but--damn. Beautiful, elegant, and bittersweet future Clexness. There's so much regret here it aches with it.

Once and Again by mobiuskein. See, I loved Groundhog Day, and this amused the HELL out of me. Clark is just so Clark, and I love how he works things out. Wonderful!

The Lent Effect by Carlanesses. Okay, I havent' seen this one recced much and okay, WHY? This is hysterical! Just--loved it. The sitch, poor Pete and Clark's bet, and how to resolve it. And dear God, the image of Clark pulling his hair just kills me every time. Wonderful story by another author added to The Stalk List, because seriously? Do not want to lose this one. Funny, hot, and hee! That ending. *grins*


Fannish Things

Much against my will, Angel is sucking me back in. I foreswore Many Moons Ago with the death of Doyle, because DAMN. He was pretty! It was almost my second fandom, but Doyle died and then X-Men hit me, so oh well, but it does make me wonder if right now I'd be slashing Wes/Gunn or doing Fred/Gunn and Fred/Wes if I was a fanwriter for it.

Makes one think. Hmm. 'Cause Jane St. Clair made me read Wes/Gunn when I wasn't even WATCHING the show.

Anyway. Now riveted, dammit. Dammit, dammit, dammit.

But ooooh. Yes. And yes again.


I've been keeping vague track of discussions in LJ land, but a LJer to check out is pandarus, who has had a marvelous slash discussion going on in her LJ one and two and three and four. Seriously, one of the most interesting multi-post discussion arcs I've ever read--come to think, the ONLY one I've ever read by one author. Slash, morality in fanfic, and it's so thoughtful it makes me envious.


mecurtin had an intesting discussion involving domesticity and alienness in fanfiction here

There are two schools of thought regarding how to react when one's story is discussed. One is to respond and discuss, two is to read and nod, but not talk. I've straddled the line, because honestly, I'm not SURE. Is it arrogant to bring it up at all, or really weird not to at all? Or--yeah. It's called a Hamster Cage of Mentalness. But hey, you're in my LJ and I am still in the mood to distract myself from Ripped Cuticles.

So. I'll cut for the uninterested or those that think it's Very Crass.

mecurtin asked something interesting, and I think I can answer it, but not very well.

To me, while writing--and this is just me, I have no illusions that anyone else thinks like this--bringing up anything outside the focus of the story would have detracted from it. Just me, the writer, being weird. What Lex does at the office and Clark's double life were, in this story, irrelevant to what happened to their relationship from this angle. Usually, outside the random PWP, I try for more scope, but in this case, it just didn't seem like working out an entire confession or bringing up past events or discussing Lex's manuevers in work would work in this story, but rather, what happened to them as roommates that made them lovers eventually.

And it was a choice, though in retrospect, maybe an unwise one, to remove every other aspect to focus on this one issue. On the other hand, I don't think I could have given it the right amount of attention--or Domestic!Fic would have become The Next Long Story, and I have TWO in beta right now. Dear God, don't tempt me. The Arkham AU Dev and I are writing and this stupid bunny for an Alexander Luthor that won't leave me alone and the weird Clexbrothersfic of scariness....

I should totally give up sleep. For the weak, dammit.

I need more coffee.

Though this made me Very Happy.'s almost as though Jenn (or her subconscious) said, "ha! you want no torment/angst/branding, you want happy domesticity, I can give it to you -- but only in an AU. bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha!"

And chica, LOVE you for this one. *grins* And yes, criticism is fine in my LJ. I have no problems with it.

I've been mulling comments about the domestic trend and the different shifts fandoms go through in general, my pet obsession outside, apparently, files and down and dirty Clex. Go figure. I haven't been watching as closely as usual to see what's been working through the fanfic waters, though I am tempted to start mentally drawing out who is an active LJ user and who isn't and marking it when I read SSA stories to see if there's a marked difference between the LJ crowd and the non-LJ in terms of what's being used and written by whom. Which in itself--ooh. Doesn't that sound like FUN?

Okay, maybe only to me. But still. I need to think about checking and seeing if there's any correlations.

Okay, I'm done. I've taken allergy meds because we're back in nosebleed city, my fingers are stiff, but on the other hand, Dev sent me more GoodWiPFic the other day for me to get inspired by.

And by the way? The X-Men II movie is getting to me. Dammit. DAMMIT.

I don't need another fandom.
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