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The Toybox

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random recs
children of dune - leto 1
So. When you know you are in a new fannish zone place. Older recs, probably not anything that everyone hasn't seen before, but mmm. Fic.

Angle of Vision by z_rayne and libitina - Scanners II/Thoughtcrimes. I totally blame this on thefourthvine's rec for the fact that I am now seeking out these crossovers. And samdonne's Thoughtcrimes fic. This? Was hot. And a new and interesting way to have a threesome and a genderfuck. Life good.

Confidential Information by yin_again - Thoughtcrimes/Boa Versus Python. I seriously love this. Makes me purr.

I have a *tag* for this stuff now. God.

So. If you like me, you will rec to me. Please?

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(Deleted comment)

*purrs* thank you.

Angle of Vision is amazing. I think I even recced it myself back when it was posted, and you know how often I post recs. *g*

I'm pretty sure you already know Pru's Summer House, SG:A/Eureka, and Yin's Accidents Happen and Shelter, SG:A/Sherman's March

There are two SG:A/Traders "Grant goes to Atlantis" stories: harriet_spy's Traders/SGA snippet and jimandblair's longer Voyage par Mer (She also has an in-Atlantis sequel WIP.) And valderys's White Rabbit is a John in Canada (sort of) story.

tarlanx's Endless Road is SG:A/Century Hotel

And valderys's Keep It Simple, Thoughtcrimes/Traders -- oh how I wish this had happened on Traders instead of canon!


I read the Eureka ones. The others, no.

Yes, fic recs = joy :-)

(Also, I just watched Sparks' Grant/Jack vid. Not a crossover, but if you have the Grant love... Eeee! garder_ross is the comm to see if you have a Traders jones.)

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