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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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rec - fireball by celli
children of dune - leto 1
Fireball by celli - SGA, Sheppard/McKay, AU. Okay, I have been waiting and waiting for her to post this, because oh. My. God. So awesome I do not have words.

Well, I have a few.


Um, read this now, okay? This is happiness and puppies and sunlight and oh God the porn. Yeah. Happiness. It's funny and fun and cute and in character and teaches you about car racing! Educational! And possibly cures world hunger. And a kitten survives every time someone reads.

(I've had a lot of caffeine this morning.)

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*laughs* You're awesome. Thank you!

...if I'm allowed to read and enjoy a NASCAR AU, having been mean to a NASCAR guy in the course of my career.

He totally had it coming, though.

He was some sort of grand high poohbah for some Earnhardt or other whose cell phone didn't work. I could only get him to narrow down the area of non-workage to 'anywhere' on Interstate 85 in South Carolina. In the course of getting him to narrow it down, I must have irritated him, because he launched into a lengthy diatribe about who he was and how important he was in the NASCAR scheme of things and to his Earnhardt especially. I let him rattle on until he ran down, then asked:

"What's NASCAR?"

I'd never heard a grown man sputter before.

Re: I don't know...

Oh, good Lord. That must have been incredibly satisfying. *g*

I'm pretty sure I had too much fun with it, but he was very full of himself.

I saved a kitten! Seriously, thanks for reccing this, not sure I would have stumbled across it otherwise. Love your rec summaries :)

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