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fannish things to ponder
stargate, rodney
Okay, so. I feel all warm and cuddly in fandom's general direction, so.

Two options:

1.) Ask me about my fic--something I wrote, character, plotline, even a really short commentary--and I'll give you an explanation, snippet, or something. Kind of like a dvd commentary, but shorter and faster. *g*


2.) If I've recced your fic and you don't know why or want to know what I liked about it and I was unclear (this happens a lot), ask. And I'll tell you.

Um, I'll do as many as I can, but I don't know how many that will be. So um, if you're interested, post.

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Something about The Yard please?

Wonderful Story (Anonymous) Expand
I've just been rereading The Forest People. It's so freaking cool. How did you come up with that? And mind what happens when people come searching for them? OMG.

Speaking of. I was thinking about this last night. I might possibly do that thing we (Jenn and I) where talking about.

*looks shifty*

(Deleted comment)
Sleep While I Drive is one of my all time favorite SV stories. However, I have always been slightly confused by the ending.

"I'll build my own empire," Lex answers softly, and Clark draws his knees up, leaning into Lex with a deep breath of salty air, shutting his eyes. A gentle hand brushes the hair off his forehead. "What's yours?"

Clark grins blindly into the sky, settling more comfortably into the sand. "I don't need one."

I've chosen to read this as Clark is simply happy to be with Lex, that he doesn't need to build his own empires.

Am I correct?

Also, what do you foresee happening in this universe. In that, does Clark tell Lex about his powers? And if so, when?

Pretty much yeah, Clark is happy with Lex and really doesn't *need* any other reason to be with Lex. It's enough they are together.

Um. They go back. Clark's parents argue a lot. Clark goes to college in Metropolis, and he has adventures with criminals. One evening, Lex is attacked by something while they are out together and Clark rescues him and Lex sees what he is. Lex is pissed that Clark never told him, and a month of silence ensues. Then Lex calls Clark, they talk.

After Clark graduates, they move in together and live happily ever after.


In the universe of "Somewhere I have never traveled", after the incident no one wants to talk about, you've hinted in some comments that Clark will forgive Lex in the future. I've always wondered why will he forgive him? And when?

There's this--novel.

I never finished it. It was set originally before the snippet adn was supposed to include it. After Breathe Dust, where Lex gets the copy of the audio that has his adultery on it, Daniel, one of Chloe's reporters, vanishes while tracing a story about some new cult that worships the sun. It turns out they worship a Kryptonian that came to earth a few years before. He's building up an army of followers and starts a rampage/conquest. Clark goes to the fortress to find out what to do and finally asks for something to reverse his change to humanity so he can find the evil Kryptonian. The Fortress has an idea, but cannot implment it, so Clark goes to Lex. Lex, thinking that he's going to lose Clark, researches and gets his people to figure out how to reverse it. After the battle, in which Clark is injured badly, Lex takes him to the fortress to recover, where he and Clark finally talk about what happened. Then when Clark's recoverd, they return home and after some time, they stay together and happily ever after.

I'm a huge fan of happily ever after.

okay! You recc'd Jump to the Left and said, um, I don't remember what you said, something about it being like drugs maybe? I'm really curious what you liked specifically since there is several stories in that lot.

Hmm. Rodney wasn't much differnet, but I loved your re-imaging of JOhn--a lot like the original, but more open with his geekiness. He was cute and funny and smart and *hysterical* and more easy in his skin than he is in canon.

And I loved, loved, loved him growing up in Canada with Rodney. Dear God. That never stops being the funniest thing in history. I love to hear about their childhood and how they grew up. And I love how you put in SG1 to give this universe an entirely different feel from any other.

I'd love to hear about Outside In, which is one of my most favorite stories EVER. What was the inspiration? What happens next?

Honstly, I really wanted to try an outside voyeurism thing with them. I'd been doing that in X-Men with mixed success and it was *fun*, so I wondered what it would be like to have someone watch the whole thing--would it still come across as sexy or clinical? Would it make sense wiht mostly dialogue? I'm kind of proud how that one worked out, too. And Chloe was perfect as the watcher, and the narrator--filtering through her was marvelous.

Hmm. what happens next. Chloe blushes when she sees Clark at school the next day. And she--maybe--set it up so she would drop by teh farm more often when she knows Lex will be there. *g*

Re: Hooker!Clark, I know that WIP became an official WIR (work in retirement) a long time ago, but I was always curious as to what vague thoughts you had sketched out re: future events in that plot. Since you can't answer everything, I'll give you a selection to pick from:

1. How would it have ended?
2. What bad things would've happened to Lionel?
3. How did you envision Lex and Clark's next meeting? (i.e. Clark presumably has worked out where Lex's castle actually is, and given that Stella already spilled the beans to Lex re: Lionel, I assume he'll want to talk to Clark on that subject).

1.) It would end with Clark and Lex slowly and sinuously taking over Metropolis nad LuthorCorp together. One of the more fun things I have snippeted somewhere is Stella and Clark seducing one of the LuthorCorp board and then blackmailing them, which helps Lex take over. IT was fun.

2.) Retirement. *g* If it could be called that. I kind of wanted to kill him, but thought it wuold be more fun if he had to watch.

See next comment.

Oooh, can I ask about Assassin!John? I've got no idea if you plan on writing more, but I'm really curious about how you would have ended it. Grand rescue mission in Antarctica? In Atlantis?

I might think of more, but that's the first story that popped into my head. *g*

Can I raincheck that one? It's still active, I swear, just--taking a long time. In the DVD commentaries for them, I did post a bit of the next story.

(Deleted comment)
God, John POV on that one is so--I really thought about doing it, but he's so self-contained and I kept twitching how much it would have humiliated him to be that out of control in front of his team.

After the first time, he spent weeks avoiding personal interactions with everyone. Too freaked out by what they saw. After a while, normality came back and John sort of got over it. And as he got to know his team better, saw them at their worst and best, it became--easier. Less exposing that they saw him like that. When the second time hit, of course, it was just Rodney and Teyla, which made it much easier--still embarrassing, but not the horrific feeling of utter exposure.

Hmm. I kind of want to do some snippets on both timelines from John's pov now. Darn it.

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
God, there was a livejournal entry right before--it just clicked something over in my head. HOld on.



It pretty much happened like that. After posting and reading all the comments, it got stuck in my head, and I had the first scene, with Rodney seeing Sheppard for the first time. Creating their crimes was the best part; it was so easy, and so natural to turn what they are to the dark side.

Part of it also came from all the sociopath John discussions. I never got along with that theory, but the idea of him being one in some AU just would not get out of my head. So there it went. And you know, Rodney the psycho mad scientist and Carson the unhinged Mengele and Elizabeth teh charismatic cult leader--God, too perfect.

(Deleted comment)
Hoping you're still in that "warm and cuddly" zone...Is there any chance you have/will have a final piece (preferably 200 pp. long!) to bring some closure to the painful Clex status quo at the end of your Somewhere AU? You know, the one that has left not only Clex, but all of their (and your) fen with chronic heartache. Just asking.

Er... so I saw that you recced A Dangerous Desire, and I really thought I had commented to say thank you, because that was awesome. But on checking, it seems like I didn't (possibly I dreamt it) so I am now embarrassed... and I don't have a question. I just wanted to tell you (extremely belatedly) that I really appreciated the rec. *wanders off sheepishly*


I tracked you via theme_clex _recs, and I recently read your stories, Landscape and the Yard. And I would like to know if Landscape is finished and where i can find it, or if not, then PLEASE finish it. I LOVE your writing and the way you portray Clarck and Lex in Landscape, and would very much like to know how the story ends.


I just got to the last posted part of "Pretty When You're Mine" and my mind BROKE! Is there hope? Or shall my spirits remain crushed?

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