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remix: kahs-wan, sga, sheppard/mckay
children of dune - leto 1
Okay, so.

The remix I did was for sheafrotherdon's Traturian Thaw.

Remix title Kahs-Wan.

For the person who did the little jig in the comments--animated? I wondered where it came from originally! I got it from the books. Um, Star Trek The IDIC Epidemic by Jean Lorrah (?), I think, with the half-Klingons doing that in place of their Survival thingie. I have such a memory for completely useless information, but the first thing I thought after reading sheafrotherdon's story was, "Oh my God the aliens watch Star Trek too."

Which lets face it. Atlantis? The aliens totally watch Star Trek.

Um, usually, I'd post it here and all, but honestly, it's happy where it is and I owe sheafrotherdon an apology--by the time I got this back for editing, I was totally beyond able to deal, so I did a very fast and dirty spellcheck before posting. I'd planned to go back that weekend and do a polished version, but that totally did not even come close to happening. As soon as I can, I'll at least go through and do something cleaner than I have now, if not the fuller additions I'd originally planned.

Author Notes:

I just--liked this one. Unlike last year, where trinityofone's fic just magnetized me, this one made me warm and happy and all--pleased. It's sweet and warm and has that cool aliens-doing-weird-alien-things and there's h/c and Rodney in danger, but the pure emotion in it drew me in and I just couldn't imagine trying to touch any other story when this one took up my total attention. I hope I did it justice, and I hope you truly enjoyed it. Thank you for the privilege of being able to work on something that made me so happy when I was done. Not a lot of my fic does, but this one made me smile the entire time.

PS - aurora_84 - if I'd thought to make it a competition, you totally win. *g* That was a good guess.

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God I love that book.

Hence why I fangirled you.

That one and the one it sequeled, both of which are somewhre in my garage, where the doctor marries his Vulcan partner's daughter. Totally hit my every kink.

The Vulcan Academy Murders? Is that the one? I adore it to pieces.

Yes. That one! It came first I think. God. I may have to reread these now. *happy sigh*


And Amanda in stasis and that secretaryish chick trying to kill her to get Sarek and the Vulcan Doctor guy's wife dying and then the daughter proposing and OH MY GOD I NEED IT NOW.

Hi, I'm geeking out hard. Why did she not write a third one? Happiness. So much happiness.

IDIC Epidemic and Vulcan Academy Murders, only VAM was first. But yes. God yes. And it tied into canon by introing their canon Vulcan expert!


My remaining ST novels are in a box under the guest room bed. I've winnowed them down over the years, but there are some that I will never get rid of.

I loved the one where the female Starfleet officer was captured by the Klingons and taken as bed partner by the Captain. The memory of this makes some of my fanfic preferences make MUCH MORE SENSE than they otherwise would have.

OMG WHICH ONE WAS THIS?? *pries hands off capslock*

Ohoh! The two about Piper and her friends??

Btw, the ep in the animated series was the one with the alternate universe where Kirk's first officer was an Andorian and Spock had died as a child. Why can't I remember what it was called?!

No apologies! I adored this story - I was stalking the remix community, waiting for the remix to get posted, and when it appeared I read it three times in one morning. It made me gleefully happy - especially John telling Rodney he was going to find him, oh, and that wonderful exchange where John says who'll fall apart without Rodney and Rodney thinks about not wanting John to be the one who'll find his body. my heart!

I just reread it, and it makes me as gleeful now as it did the first time - so thank you all over again! ♥


It was an amazing story.

How are you feeling? I've worried about you the past few days. *clings*

Too many people I know have lung problems at the moment. I've had daughter on the vaporizer and an inhaler since Friday morning, and I just learned my father has emphysema. Enough with the lung ailments, all of you. I'm perfectly capable of fretting indefinitely, but I'd rather not. *pouts*

But seriously -- are you feeling any better? The posting makes me hopeful, but I won't presume.

honestly, yes, much better. i'm mostly freaked out at this point, since even though it is better, they dont' know what it is, so they don't know what triggers it, and honestly, up until near the end, when the fever started, I really couldn't tell the difference between this and an allergy attack.

But atm, I'm fine, just tired. *hugs* Thanks for asking, sweetie.

Freaking *cut me off* *grumbles at LJ*


What happened with your daughter? Inhaler and a vaporizer? *blinking*

Sounds similar to what happened to you. Sudden, dramatic fever and a cough I recognized as bronchitis verging on pneumonia. I've heard this one from her before, and it definitely coincides with allergies. The doctor confirmed a wheeze and prescribed the inhaler. On my end, I know the vaporizer has always helped -- especially when I use Vics Vaposteam with it.

She's much better today, thank goodness.

I hope you don't have to go back to work tomorrow. *worries*

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