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remix rec - the pledge and the turn by miss-porcupine

remix_redux names are up!

Okay, the remixer of my fic was by miss_porcupine, which, right, not a surprise, but still utterly, *mindblowingly* perfect.

The Pledge and the Turn by miss_porcupine, remix of What I Look For On the Sides of Mountains.

To me, ideally, a remix is the author taking the original story as their own, doing what the author can't. And in this case, it's utterly true; miss_porcupine does everything I can't and never thought of--the part of Altantis that's reports and explanations and carefully worded summaries and politics, in a very subtle way. And how Lorne does his own kind of remixes, which amusees me a lot on some level.

And I love, love, how Lorne connected the dots using minimal data and a lot of very smart conjecture. And I love how Lorne's learned to read Sheppard by reading his team. It's great.

But short version--it's good. It's awesome. It's pretty much *fantastic*. And Lorne is so perfect he makes me smile.

Thanks miss_porcupine. I'm honored beyond words.
Tags: recs: stargate:atlantis 2007
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