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remix rec - the pledge and the turn by miss-porcupine
children of dune - leto 1
remix_redux names are up!

Okay, the remixer of my fic was by miss_porcupine, which, right, not a surprise, but still utterly, *mindblowingly* perfect.

The Pledge and the Turn by miss_porcupine, remix of What I Look For On the Sides of Mountains.

To me, ideally, a remix is the author taking the original story as their own, doing what the author can't. And in this case, it's utterly true; miss_porcupine does everything I can't and never thought of--the part of Altantis that's reports and explanations and carefully worded summaries and politics, in a very subtle way. And how Lorne does his own kind of remixes, which amusees me a lot on some level.

And I love, love, how Lorne connected the dots using minimal data and a lot of very smart conjecture. And I love how Lorne's learned to read Sheppard by reading his team. It's great.

But short version--it's good. It's awesome. It's pretty much *fantastic*. And Lorne is so perfect he makes me smile.

Thanks miss_porcupine. I'm honored beyond words.

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The original subtitle was "The Deja Vu All Over Again Remix"... In the broad sense, I was pretty sure you'd be cool with this -- past profit is no guarantee of future earnings, but we were on the same wavelength for the first go-round. But it's certainly very, very nice to know for sure. Thank you. :)

God yes. It was *excellent*. I love how you put Atlantis in practical terms so naturally and consistently that honestly, it's easier to deal with the show being nuts when you in fanfic smooth it out. And this was absolutely *perfect*. I squeeed so much.

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