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children of dune - leto 1
Via svmadelyn, thamiris has passed. One of the most elegant writers I've ever encountered, and a brilliant meta writer as well. She will be missed.

ETA: Removed link to obituary 1/5/2007

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It's been mentioned in other lj's not to connect her fannish life with her real name, please.

Isn't you linking to her obituary, with her real name, connecting her fannish life to her real name?

No, it would be me linking to her obituary for those who wanted to give in her memory and saying not make dontations in memory of her fan name.

Right yeah, that thought just occured to me. Sorry.

It just occured to me that perhaps you meant that should someone send flowers, to not mention her fandom name etc in the card. If that's the case, i understand now.

Or for more directly, if someone does wish to make a donation, don't use her fannish name for the donation.

I didn't even know she was sick - not that I knew her personally, but she was such a force in fandom it's hard to imagine that I hadn't heard, you know?

Nobody really wrote like her. And she had an amazing sense of humor.


She will be missed.

I wasn't her lj friend, so I took a peek at her journal. I am sorry I didn't get to know her. Her journal entries are fascinating.

thanks for the link to her obituary.

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