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children of dune - leto 1
svmadelyn totally dared me. she says no black. I say, let me have a style revolution.

Poll #963518 Hair Color!

What Color Should I Dye My Hair?

Other--list in comments

Okay, let me find a picture first. when I find one I like. which isn't yet.


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Blue is so pwetty... ;)

something that complements your skin tone? XD

A redhead myself, I will always back the home color. ;)


Heh. No, My vote is for brown/black with red highlights so you can be my twin!

If you have not yet tried blonde, I must point out that you have to try it once in your life because it really is fun. Although I'd avoid doing it in the parking lot of a Walgreens. Particularly the night before your wedding.

Plum-purple streaks. Seriously.

I'm a big fan of going for the exotic colors (don't do Manic Panic, it's crap -- get some Special Effects, they sell it at Hot Topic), though I did just vote for red and I note that seems to be an overwhelming favorite. Guess it depends on whether your workplace would have issues with you having too much fun with your hair.

I know, I know, you disabled comments, but...

Child has a name?! O_O

Dude, red hair is totally teh sexay.

And both John and Rodney have red highlights in their hair. In the right light. *nods* Yup.

Purple! Streaks or a flash!

Seriously, you should go for purple. My friend in work has dark hair with purple highlights in it, and it's soooooo cool!

Though red is also good. Had my hair red for about two years. It was interesting. It's brown now, and I ran into a friend that I hadnt seen since graduation, and her first words were "Your hair is a normal colour. What happened?" Apparently, I was a beacon or something.

Wow! Looks like the reds have it! :)

I went for blonde, but only because I have a box of blonde dye at home that I sho9uld use on my hair tonight. (I think it would be better to turn up to tomorrows interview without the dodgy regrowth showing.)

Mind you, I'm amused at the popularity of red. I used to dye my hair red -- and loved it -- but after six months of it, it kind of lost it's shiny appeal.

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