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The Toybox

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rec - that i could travel light by kres
children of dune - leto 1
That I Could Travel Light by kres, SPN, mostly gen. Definitely miss_porcupine safe.

I really--have no idea what to make of it. It seems simple, and then it's differnet but seems simple, and then it's anything but simple at all. And it completely one-eightied on me several times, and honestly, it's not long, so I have *no idea* how it managed that. Short plot summary: amnesia.

That's some seriously *excellent* writing altogether.

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. . . what makes something miss_porcupine-safe? No bro-kissing or no bro-dying?

That label specifically is non-Wincest, more or less. Though this one includes a very random kiss, it is definitely not Wincest.

*liquid eyes* Do you want me to make you a label of our own?

Yo. Thank you for the rec. *twirls you*

And heh, this one has been categorized by some as gen/Bob, because some think it's not exactly gen. I'm glad that it works as gen, though. It was meant to be that :)=

For me, it read as gen with subtext, even with the kiss. I go either way in SPN--yes, that does sound weird when I say it. *blank*

But seriously, that was good writing, extremely so, and I can't really describe how much it worked for me with every twist and change that never jarred. That was truly an amazing piece of work, and subtle at that. Thank you very much for posting.

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