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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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sometimes, i really wonder
children of dune - leto 1
I've mentioned one of my things with music is the ability to sing along with no clear idea of what I'm saying. This happens a *lot*, especially with Duran Duran. Nevermind.

As I mentioned once, svmadelyn sent along a group of depresing country songs. This one--at first--didn't sound all that depressing. IT's perky!

Then I was singing along--again, I have no idea what I'm singing, if I'm distracted, I'll literally not even remember singing--but somehow, my own voice penetrates my headphones on a really passionate part.

A Night to Remember.

I went to look it up to make sure I'd actually been cheerfully advocating fiery death by driving off a cliff.

She whispers in his ear and tells him that she knows
She throws the car in gear, plunging to the earth below
She whispers in his ear and tells him that she knows
She throws the car in gear, it blossoms like a fiery rose

This is not the first time. I still rememeber singing in public about how Alanis would go down in a theater while people blinked over at me. It took me up until the chorus to realize I was singing inappropriately in public.

I cannot be the only person this has happened to. No, this isn't a transparent plea or anything.

Nooooo, I've done it. Most recently with Pink's (or P!nk, or however she spells her name now) Fingers, in the car with my parents listening . . .

Ooh. Now I want to listen to that.

*makes note*

*raises hand shamefully* I've done it. many, many times.

We can have a support group. Talk about our feelings. Remind ourselves that not every day is Nine Inch Nails Singing Day.

*facepalm* I couldn't be singing the theme song to Sleeping Beauty or anything. IT's always something--not good to sing in front of people.

Ahahahahaha, yes. Especially when I was in my hiphop/r&b period and every single song was about sex. I particularly remember singing Another Level's 'Freak Me' at totally inappropriate times.

I still rememeber singing in public about how Alanis would go down in a theater while people blinked over at me.
:D:D And dude, which song is that?

It's perkily depressing!

...I need to introduce you to Lowen & Navarro. *grins*

(Deleted comment)
I want to see this vid. *thoughtful*

*hee* what are the lyrics.

I haven't, but a friend and coworker of mine once started singing along in the office we share with multiple other people. She was *way* embarrassed. *g*

Well. There's Green Day "Long View" - but that was deliberate, back when I was in high school, in groups. That pizza place probably hated us.

I've always been a bit worried I'll just casually start singing Liz Phair's "Flower" out loud.

Ha! I've randomly started singing Flower. While I was in the car with my father!. It's just so damn catchy.

Delurking to say, omg yes. I sing along to my ipod all the time, Kimya Dawson, Bloodhound Gang, no shame.

Also, I have no idea how my brain got rewired this way, but I sing NIN's Closer, without realising it, whenever I'm really happy & content. First noticed it back in 2001. I'd start humming, then singing, then realise I was repeating verses of an explicit song while doing stocktake at work, in hearing of customers & boss if he happened to walk by.

For four or five years I made semi-or-quadrennial trips from Texas to DC and back; on one trip, my younger sister woke up from sleeping in the passengers seat, stopped the CD, turned to look at me and said, "you're only allowed to sing along if you stop making up the words."

My little sister was singing "ain't nothing but mammals" today under her breath and failed to notice until I snickered at her, she said "...what?" and then realized what she had been doing. Twenty shades of red.

Had to comment again to add: I am the sort of person who will likely sing along without realizing it, but more often than not will realize it, grin, and sing louder. ...even if Alanis is going down on you in a theatre.

These are the actual lyrics to "Do You Love Me?"

All my life, I thought he was singing:
I can masturbate,
(I can masturbate).
I can do the twist,
(I can do the twist).

And wondered off and on for years how he got that past the censors. *facepalm*

I've had to remind myself not to sing Cake at work. "Satan Is My Motor" probably isn't going to go over well when carrying groceries out to little old ladies' cars.

I had to gently prod one of my coworkers not to sing "Candyman" - the new Christina Aguilera one - also. So you're definitely not alone.

And it is so easy to take "where do your fingers go / when you sleep" the wrong way. Hehehe.

*raises hand*

Travis's "Peace the Fuck Out" loudly, in my office, when it came on the iPod hooked up to the computer speakers. I didn't notice what song it was, I swear!


(Deleted comment)