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random spn crossovers
children of dune - leto 1

I was looking at Skeleton Crew by Stephen King, which is some of my favorite leisure reading when I have things to do but can sit down for quick bites.

One of my favorites is Miss Todd's Shortcut.

One of teh bigger problems with being in fandom and re-reading books is that I get very intense thoughts of crossovers. But this one is one of those I just--really want to write. For SPN, not SGA, because hey, they already *have* the ultimate shortcut. I was thinking more an investigation into the disappearance of another young woman from the town who got addicted to shortcuts, and Dean and Sam showing up to investigate the disappearance and getting the odd, simple history. Of taking those shortcuts between spaces.

Of course, I suddenly have this ambitious and completely impossible idea to do a series of casefiles based on Stephen King stories now--I mean, seriously, imagine them in Pet Sematary. Christine. Carrie. Hell, the The Dead Zone It's really--heh. I wouldn't do it. But God I wish someone would. "The Mist", another good one. "The Raft", spooky as shit and wins for most impractical and inappropriately timed sex ever. "The Word Processor of the Gods". Some of the ones from Nightmares and Dreamscapes for that matter.

Yes, this is the sort of thing I think of at midnight. I am stressed and taking it out on fic. Poor, poor fic.

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Marry me.

Just for knowing the TITLES, I would say that, seriously! But also for loving them like I do! Mrs. Todd's Shortcut can STILL creep me out. And The Mist, OMG. I think that's the story that spawned my abiding love for post-apocalyptic fiction. That endless supermarket set-up, and then the drive off into the unknown... :: shiver ::

*happy sigh*

That shortcut one I love love love. AND OMG THE MIST. I'm actually working on one that incorporates the concept of that, though not a crossover with the books. I just--love the idea of it.

The one that seriously creeps me out is Trucks? I think? The one where all the vehicles become sentient and make humans give them gas? GOD THE STUPIDEST PREMISE or so I thought, but God, that one seriously creeped me out but good. For a *long time*.

It may explain my aversion to driving.

We need a commune. Dude, The Mist freaked me out for *years.* I loved the growing craziness of the town members and how they (to them) logically decided they needed to sacrifice the little boy. Oh and the legs that belonged to something really really tall? Omg.

A while back I read some King while in the hospital. Midnight in a hospital reading King? Bad Idea. Bad. I scared the crap out of myself. He still has that ability to just wow, I still want to know how he can do that.

I would kill, kill for the Winchesters to meet an older, embattled Dennis Guilder, who's been chasing the resurrected Christine (who has since killed Leigh and maybe one or two others, going after Dennis and failing). I even sketched out the first few paragraphs in my head, but action and description are some of my weakest points as a writer, this would call for both.

oh my GOD that would be awesome.


We need a Stephen King crossover ficathon or something. I read his books at a young age and totally blame him for my morbid sense of humor.

Oh god, remember the story of the guy who buries the gangster beneath a highway road? I loved that. Or more recently a story about a haunted room. The title of that story is 'Room 49.' King pointed out that 4+9=13. That story was just fantastic. I mean having a room just drive a guy crazy and him slowly starting to realize it.

I just re-read 'Miss Todd's Shortcut' a while back because I love the concept of her time getting shorter and shorter and how she freaked out the guy she invited to ride with her.

Where is Room 49? *curious* I don't think I read that one.


The story is actually "1408" from the Everything's Eventual anthology. It is also, hands-down, the scariest thing Stephen King has ever written IMHO.

Seriously I was weaned on Ghost Story as a fifth grader and spent most of middle school reading Lovecraft and Machen, and as a result nothing leaves me creeped out for long after I've finished reading. Except that story.

If you haven't read it, please do so quickly before the crappy movie adaptation gets released and spoils the effect!

OH! I FINALLY READ THE STORY! Since you told me about it, I took it to Orlando wiht me and creeped myself out on the plane. That was--something else.

It's in a anthology titled, "Everything's eventual." And looking at the descrip on Amazon the story is actually called 'Room 1408.'


Stephen King! I read *everything* of his that they had in the library when I was a teenager. I got 3 used books of his a few weeks ago. One of my favorites is The Jaunt--horror sci-fi rocks. The Mist, The Sun Dog, and Crouch End totally creep me out every time I think about them.

The Jaunt is the teleportation one, right?

Sun Dog? Still makes me wary of cameras. That was just freaky. Crouch End is one of my favorites, though, with Lovecraft.

Yes! Awesome stories, and SPN crossover a great idea.
I'm picturing Dean and Sam walking up to Louis while he's sifting through the remains of his house with gardening gloves on because his hands are ruined...I haven't been able to read that book since I had kids, but it's all in my head anyway!
I'm hoping you change your mind and give it a try.

"The Mist" scared generations of my family when it got passed around one summer. At my Aunt's house on a lake. On a long dirt road away from the paved road. Long drive to nearest town. Did I mention the nuclear power plant just up the beach? And the tendency for really severe summer storms?

Dammit, I have now successfully creeped myself out.

Sorry, deleted and reposted without whacked html

I think they've already taken elements from Stephen King for the show to a fair extent - I can see strong parallels with Max Miller in Nightmare and Carrie, while Route 666 (monster truck!) puts me in mind of Christine somewhat (although I haven't actually read Christine, I admit. I'm just going with the whole evil car vibe there. The whole hotel in Playthings was deliberately set up as a nod towards The Shining and I've heard several people refer to Everybody Loves a Clown as a poor knockoff of IT. And, of course, there was Dean's reference to Cujo in the recent werewolf episode, Heart.

If I watched more horror movies I could probably draw more parallels. *shrugs* I have heard that all the ep names are taken from old horror movies, but I don't know how accurate that is.

Having more of these sorts of things in fanfic would be awesome nonetheless. It's something the show does, but fanfic? Not so much.

Have you seen eighth_horizon's rendition of Sam's drunken letters to Stephen King, telling him all the things he got wrong? Best SPN/King crossover idea ever.

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