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children of dune - leto 1
I will never comprehend how anyone can do even an easy sudoku in under five minutes. My best time is like 6.02 and I was chewing on things that should never be chewed on and also, it was a freakishly easy puzzle.

I'm not saying anyone out there is practicing mathematical black arts, but really.

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I'm currently writing a Prolog program to solve sudoku.

And when I say "writing" I mean "staring at my homework and crying".

But if it ever started working, I bet it'd increase my times. :D


this is the devil's game. I totally comprehend your tears.

...and the part where writing a program to solve it, also. Jesus.

But . . . all you have to do is check left to right and up to down and make sure that number isn't already in the square . . . .

And don't believe the lies people tell you about how "easy" a puzzle is. I have two different books for beginners and the first book is more along the lines of expert than beginner. xx

That is the thing! There's no real noticeable time difference for me between easy and medium and hard except the realy awesome easy of six minutes--it depends where the nines are. I only wish I were kidding on that. I really do.


*feels your pain*

I am so, so glad I\'m not the only person who believes sudoku was put on Earth to make innocent people tear their hair out (and, yes, chew on inappropriate things). The first (and quite possibly only) one I ever finished was done with my boyfriend sitting beside me going \"yes, good, and what goes in this square?\" - I felt five years old and still couldn\'t frigging DO IT.

*coughs* It\'s possible I have deeply hidden sudoku-related rage issues.

Maybe they employ trained pigeons? I mean it's after all less about math than about patterns and pigeons are supposed to be good with that. Personally I find this against the clock thing stressful and counterproductive for relaxing sudoku zen.

it is an evil, evil game. EVIL.

The timer is addictive. *sad* I never used to know it was there. Until it asked me.

That's happened to me once, I think, on a puzzle that was freakishly easy.

My little sister can do one of the suicide/killer sudoku in about forty minutes. She does the little easy ones in about two minutes.

Sometimes I hate her genuis. :)

Hee! I rule, and by "rule" I mean "spend way too much time on this".

I only do medium puzzles, easy are too easy. My best time ever on "medium" is just a hair over 4 minutes, but that was an abnormally easy puzzle. My usual best time is between 5 and 5 1/2 minutes.

*growls softly at you*

I recommend playing online, with the "pencil marks" (or whatever) enabled. It becomes a game based largely on process of elimination, and more like a logic game than... you know. Something thinky.

Also possibly it helps if you have serious obsessive tendencies.


Oooh, can you recommend a site that lets you do that? I've taken to copying them down on scrap paper because I can't do them without marking up the whole thing, even newspaper ones (newsprint = NO GOOD for constant erasing.)

I suspect my husband practices mathematical black arts. I have had to look fairly hard for sudoku books difficult enough to challenge him.

*laughs* All sudoku to me is still a challenge. Gah.

(Deleted comment)

(and drool. yes i admit it)


I have a Sudoku Java game on my mobile phone and I can do an easy one in less than 2 minutes 30 seconds (though my average time is about 3 minutes)...and the hardest one, my best time is 6 minutes 16 seconds...

God, I feel like some kind of freak now...

You're not a freak, you're AWESOME. :O

Sudoku is a relaxing, fun hobby. It shouldn't be rushed. It messes with the zen.

...In other words, I can't do them fast either. Neither can Rodney. (Just look at my icon. That's totally how Rodney looks as he's puzzling over one, taking his sweet time about it.)

John, on the other hand, rushes through them at an average speed of 3min,15secs per puzzle, causing Rodney to make unflattering comparisons to an overexcited virgin on prom night.

Of course, John's reply was: "The difference is that I know what I'm doing, Rodney."

*dies* I believe it, too.

Even the simple ones take me forever.

Umm, I have a Sudoku widget installed on my desktop and kinda solve a few while waiting for files to download. I'm also kinda addicted to buying the puzzle books each month. After saying all thast, I have to clarify that I can oly do the 'easy' and 'medium' level puzzIes; 'hard' keeps me up till 2am trying to solve them - only to be abandoned and I've only EVER solved ONE "diabolical" puzzle

I still remember the look of amazement in my face when I solved my first one all by myself.....

C'mon, they're fun :-)

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