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I'm so bored. Soooo bored. So monumentally bored.

I also think I read every gen meta in fandom. Yes, I was that bored. It's the fandom equivalent of the fact I set up my google homepage to hit every freaking news agency on the web, and that includes the ones with the crazy people who really do wear tinhats. What I really need is an online version of the National Enquirer or the Star. Seriously. I miss the pictures of bat-boys and women claiming recent impregnation by Elvis. Good times.

Actually, come to think, there should be one. A fannish Star. I have no idea what would be shocking in it--fan writes Elvis impregnates Lex? But still.

I started a short list of things I have never done in fandom that I've always wanted to try (write porn-only crossover involving John Sheppard, Lex Luthor, and Brian Kinney, whee! Or dramatic fandom huff, complete with protestations of angst and pain), but it's kind of boring. Except the porn. God, that would be fun.

Hmm. Anyone have a better list?

Yes, I actually have a tag called bored. That's so sad.
Tags: the eternal darkness of sloths

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