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people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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children of dune - leto 1
I'm so bored. Soooo bored. So monumentally bored.

I also think I read every gen meta in fandom. Yes, I was that bored. It's the fandom equivalent of the fact I set up my google homepage to hit every freaking news agency on the web, and that includes the ones with the crazy people who really do wear tinhats. What I really need is an online version of the National Enquirer or the Star. Seriously. I miss the pictures of bat-boys and women claiming recent impregnation by Elvis. Good times.

Actually, come to think, there should be one. A fannish Star. I have no idea what would be shocking in it--fan writes Elvis impregnates Lex? But still.

I started a short list of things I have never done in fandom that I've always wanted to try (write porn-only crossover involving John Sheppard, Lex Luthor, and Brian Kinney, whee! Or dramatic fandom huff, complete with protestations of angst and pain), but it's kind of boring. Except the porn. God, that would be fun.

Hmm. Anyone have a better list?

Yes, I actually have a tag called bored. That's so sad.

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Someone nearby is trying to make money off an image of Homer Simpson in his pizza.

Have you tried places other than news agencies? gofugyourself, lifehacker, digg, etc?

I'm always faintly afraid of the blogosphere. It's like fandom, but without the porn to make up for the stupid.

Then stay away from digg (mostly), but really it's far easier to ignore comments for the content. Lifehacker is a site for awesome geekery and stuff. Most of the comments there aren't wanky at all, just an addendum to the post.

and gofugyourself I don't think has any commenting enabled. (I could be wrong)

There are lots of places 'safe' for interesting information without going into the scary scary slashdot type domain.

I would pay you money for Sheppard/Luthor/Kinney porn.

Google Reader has become my friend. I signed up for some of the packages of blogs they offered (celebrities, science, technology, etc) and have been customizing for a couple weeks. Adding in Cute Overload and The Daily Puppy (and Kitten) and the like. Who then offer up links and provide me with more blogs to stave off boredom!

The problem with contemplating fandom drama is that, to do it right, it should be original. That leaves out sockpuppets, insanity, faked deaths, and a whole bunch of other things. It's a tough problem.

We're all so blase about fandom drama now. Fake death, miscarriage, yawn, look, new porn! It's sad.

Google reader? Must check out. I set like, three tabs on my google homepage, including, God help me, sudoku. Stupid SGA. That freaking game is *addictive*.

I couldn't get INTO that one. I don't know why. It has improved greatly. I may give it a third try.

Google Reader? I think I only went with it because I use Gmail. It's sometimes buggy, but mostly works pretty well. Especially now that I know how to make it full screen and only show new items (I was enraged when I accidentally closed the window and had to skip back a hundred entries *individually* to get to where I left off).

Yeah, I tried it way back when it first came out (and it was awful), I tried it again more recently after someone recced it and for some reason it didn't quite gel. Maybe I just didn't want to reorganize my rss feeds AGAIN. *G*

Someone needs to write a QAF/SPN crossover - pre-series SPN where Dean winds up in Pittsburgh looking into reports of a potential succubus in some gay club called Babylon...

Brian Kinney/Dean Winchester FTW! \o/

(No, seriously, I'm so not kidding. I want to see this so veryvery badly and there's no way I could write it.)

There was something about panda poop to go with your panda porn...


You have a dark side.

Oh dear God.


Just for you another couple of links:

The National Enquirer online

STAR on line

I figure you have kept me entertained in my lurkdom, the least I can do is give you links for your boredom.

I put a link in your "links for you" folder. It was a cheezy 80's music site that I immediately thought of you when I unearthed it in my data recovery project this weekend. I think I did it right.

Once again pimping Mark Morford, he of the scathing liberal snark and deeply hedonistic vocabulary. I mean, c'mon:

We are, after all, big walking talking mutating singing sparkling reeking gobs of hot radiant convoluted energy.

It's true. Energy is what we are. Energy is what it's all about. Science proves it. Physics licks it like a massive popsicle of overt obviousness.


Actually, come to think, there should be one. A fannish Star. I have no idea what would be shocking in it--fan writes Elvis impregnates Lex? But still.
BREAKING NEWS! Everyone in fandom getting along with each other! "Wank a thing of the past," sources say. P2 for more details.

I thought we already had a fannish Star, only we fanlings like to call it Fandom_wank ;-)

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