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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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i really can't quite--wrap my mind around it
children of dune - leto 1
The sad part is, other than the chimera-sheep, this is the highlight of news today.

Panda porn. No, really. Porn for Pandas.

Anyone read anything interesting? *hopeful* I have burned out my usual sources and ended up wandering through blogosphere. That is never good. I always end up feeling faintly dirty.

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and i am not sure, if you are even interested in such stuff, but for me as an European, reading other things than our own mainstream media, its interesting (plus, i am bored at work as well, thanks heaven *g*)

//that if they had to choose between a bribe-taking, FBI-file-stealing, relentless-lie-telling, mud-slinging former first lady, and a Mormon ex-governor who doesn't lie...//
i didnt realize first, that he is talking about hillary ;D

*snickers* Okay, that was *funny*.

I mean, all europe is talking about (if we are talking about US) is either hillary, or obama.
i have never heard the name of this Mitt something before..

is he actually really any visible in US media ?!?!

Re: Romney who ?!?!?!

Yes, he really is, which is why the article is kind of funny. Most of the reports I read on him were fairly positive, as far as Republicans go, and he was fairly popular at the last convention. Though granted, the Republican possible nominees at this point are somewhat overshadowed by the Hillary and Obama show.

"Normal Female Interest in Men Bonking"

first, thanks for the info, after that article, i could not even imagine, hearing any positive about that man.

but better stay with the porn *g*
not sure how old this article is, but surfin through gazillion of fannish links, i found this :D

Re: Romney who ?!?!?!

Mitt was our state's governer, a Republican in a state full of Democrats. My husband and I have a little game we play, whoever says "Opportunistic swine!" first when Mitt appears on the TV screen, wins. (My husband's a Republican who voted for Mitt and regretted it, and I'm an Independent who did not vote for Mitt.) This whole "doesn't lie" thing is particularly hilarious to me, as he will say ANYTHING he thinks the people who will vote for him wants to hear.

as he will say ANYTHING he thinks the people who will vote for him wants to hear

doesnt any politician says that XD

Re: as he will say ANYTHING he thinks the people who will vote for him wants to hear

Yeah, but not to this bizarre and fabulous extent. Think about what he had to say in order to get elected in an uber-liberal Democratic state like Massachusetts -- now he's trying to gain the votes of far-right conservatives across American, so he's done a 180 on every single thing he ever said to get elected here. Someone should put Romney's photo in a Wikipedia article definition of the word "flip-flopper".

but this is politics.
aint everything there is suppose to be //this bizarre and fabulous extent// ??

I repeat: not like this.

well, then if you repeat it :)

i will have to trust your word on it!!
expecially since both you and husband said so *g*

... I don't think I have anything better than panda porn.

I honestly can say this particular--zoo activity never occurred to me. Ever.

(Deleted comment)
Oh wow. That is *cool*.


Different Time magazine covers for all countries - but the US. Guess they decided not to run a cover story about how the Taliban is winning in Afghanistan in the US.


I found this site while working a 24 hour shift in the Army. Most. Boring. Job. Ever! It has some interesting stuff if you browse around.

No porn, sadly, but one of the funniest Farscape vids ever:

Could be worse--my friend who works for TxDoT told me that they just cut all outside Internet access for their division. Blam!

Hey, Gmail won't let me log in right now, but if you send me your fic I can start on it tomorrow afternoon.

Well, you know. Even pandas deserve porn... Maybe some gay porn would help things along more? (smirk)

I found this very special, in a strange way. I've personally had to watch people (including a man I found on the street only five minutes previously) die of drug-related deaths...


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