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UFOs! In France! I mean, not today. But at some point.


Actually, I'm linking that because I kind of liked this quote and you kinda need context for something like this.

Patenet's* answer to questions about evidence of life beyond Earth was sure to inflame the suspicions of those convinced the government is holding back: "We do not have the least proof that extra-terrestrials are behind the unexplained phenomena."

But then he added: "Nor do we have the least proof that they aren't."

*Jacques Patenet, the aeronautical engineer who heads the office for the study of "non-identified aerospatial phenomena."


Here is where you can see the French X-Files. X-Philes? But for real!

ETA: That address isn't working. Hmm. Darn it. Though frankly, I can't read french. But you know, I have an afternoon, I'm bored, and I'll be fielding calls from incredibly annoying people. Surely I can learn French in four hours.

Hey, if it comes up? Report here so I, too, can boggle at foreign aliens. Sort of.
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