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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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moody cow
I'm feeling somewhat sullen today and can't quite figure out why. I mean, other than the inexplicable craving for fried goods and a really good fried cherry pie. I changed one of my passwords to an expletive to relieve my feelings, and strangely, it did. Now I kind of want to do all my passwords that way, randomly interspersed with special characters and numbers in indecent combinations. I just can't quite imagine later wanting to retrieve my password and getting the email with whatever I come up with on it. Or I can. And it would be funny. To me, anyway.

And by the way, I mean work passwords. Because it's far too tame to do it to my personal email.

I am using my rarely used Moody Cow icon. You know, I am tempted to go jogging. This is never a sign of mental health.

For those who like to fantasize over fried food. Thanks to margeauxmay for the link.


I have no idea whether to say OMGBACON or OMGCHEEZ or OMGLOOKATITFRY! When I experiment with this? I will post a narrative. Of pictures.

Maybe dust it with powdered sugar and serve with a side of raspberry preserves. Or peach, since I'm in Texas.

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*Bogglingly* delicious.

Is there any other kind of cherry pie?

"I bet she misses the sunrise and Mrs. Baird's fruit pies, but I could be wrong..." - "Come Back to Texas," Bowling for Soup

I feel bloated just looking at the pictures.

Of course, I forwarded it on to several of my (male) friends, some of whom will undoubtedly try it, or the corndog casserole link...

Eeeew! Not so much because of the fat (or the bacon and sausages, though I am a long time vegetarian), but processed "cheese" from a can/tube is a crime against humanity disgusting. I was so squicked when I first learned of its existence in an US supermarket.

God, so much word on the "cheese" thing.

I'm getting a stroke just looking at them. o____o

*grins* It does have that effect, doesn't it?

Oh my *arteries*... ::boggles:: Strangely enough, I want to try

My heart says no no no--but my stomach says yes. Yes. Yes.

Maybe your blood sugar's low?

That is *the* most disgusting thing I've ever heard of. Congratulations!

*grins* Yet weirdly tasty.

ROFLOL! I think that I will just read about these, thankyouverymuch. But you've awakened memories of my vacations in LA and Miss with my relatives. I think that they fried everything except the coffee. On the other hand, deep fried okra is really tasty.
A cardiologist could make a fortune.

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