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I'm feeling somewhat sullen today and can't quite figure out why. I mean, other than the inexplicable craving for fried goods and a really good fried cherry pie. I changed one of my passwords to an expletive to relieve my feelings, and strangely, it did. Now I kind of want to do all my passwords that way, randomly interspersed with special characters and numbers in indecent combinations. I just can't quite imagine later wanting to retrieve my password and getting the email with whatever I come up with on it. Or I can. And it would be funny. To me, anyway.

And by the way, I mean work passwords. Because it's far too tame to do it to my personal email.

I am using my rarely used Moody Cow icon. You know, I am tempted to go jogging. This is never a sign of mental health.

For those who like to fantasize over fried food. Thanks to margeauxmay for the link.

I have no idea whether to say OMGBACON or OMGCHEEZ or OMGLOOKATITFRY! When I experiment with this? I will post a narrative. Of pictures.

Maybe dust it with powdered sugar and serve with a side of raspberry preserves. Or peach, since I'm in Texas.
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