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food woes
children of dune - leto 1
I'm really craving something fried right now.

Not in a pan, either. Something from a deep fryer, with sunflower oil. Something rolled in raw egg and then flour (or cornmeal)and salt and pepper, dropped into boiling oil, turning golden-brown and crispy and delicious. I want--hmm. Chicken fingers, the ones that turn deep tan and the edges flake off. Or God, chicken, still with skin, soaked in egg and milk, rolled in flour and salt and spices, resoaked, re-rolled, then dropped in and made golden-brown perfection. Eggrolls. Deep fried potatoes. Fajitas sealed with hot cheese and grilled onions on homemade tortills.

God, I am hungry, and no one around here serves anything in the overly greased family. Dammit.

Yes, yes, yes, arteries, but God, food.

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*grins* I want others to share my pain. *happy*

God those sound good. You've made me hungry now. Mmmm, deep fried cheese curds...or mac and cheese wedges....

Mac and cheese wedges? *curious* What is that?

Yum. I get the fried chicken craving too, occasionally. I'm a big believer in the everything in moderation theory of food, where the indulgences are not that bad for you as long as you don't have them every day.

I don't eat fried food as much anymore, sadly, which is *good*, yes, but now I get these uncontrollable cravings that just--gah. Want *right now*.

Every so often, I just need chicken fingers. The white breast meat, breaded and deep fried and still burning hot on the plate, nice and salty. I used to COVET them back when I was a thirteen year old crazy athlete, swimming 5k at a clip 3+ days a week and playing tennis 3 hours a day besides. I just got a swim membership at school. We'll see how that goes. Perhaps your body needs the iron/protein?

Meanwhiles, I'll go eat my lean pocket with low fat cheese and broccoli for lunch.

Also, Diet Dr. Pepper is awesome. I recommend getting some right now. My entire life outlook for the day is better now.

I really need meat right now. And saturated fats. I just realized I haven't had a decent saturated fat in *days*.

*eats healthy, nutritious apple*

*hopeful* rolled in cinnamon and sugar, wrapped in pastry, and deep fried?

...I'm guessing not.

God, now you'll make me take off at lunch and go to Church's and have fried chicken and bicuits.
My thighs hate you so much now.


*soft weeping*

Well, if you *really* want something that's got fat, more fat, *and* bacon:
bacon-wrapped, cheese-filled deep-fried hot dogs via Not Martha. And at the bottom is a link for corndog casserole...if you're into that sort of thing.
(Alas, you don't fry the corndogs first...but you probably could.)

Re: if you want fried...

I wnat that so bad I can *smell it*.

I'd alter the recipe though. Hotdogs, cut open but not apart, layer of chedder, sealed shut adn wrapped in bacon.

Oh God I am so making this soon. I need to now. I NEED TO.

You just wrote ChickenPorn, is what you did. You should be ashamed of yourself. I live in bloody England! Where will I find fried goodness?

You know, eventually I was going to visit London. *eyes the Atlantic* Yet you speak of non-fried food. I am wary now.

Would I need to pack my deep fryer? *thoughtful* I wonder what international baggage weight is.

Heh. Chickenporn.

Thanks a lot! Now I want something deep fried as well. *glare* >:(

Mmmmyes. Deep friend adn possibly with a side of gravy or queso.

That was a vicious, sadistic thing to post. I need some homemade egg rolls and sweet and sour sauce now.

*sad* Me too. And there is no Chinese within miles.

Darn you! Now I'm starving!

I like to be in hunger pains in groups.

This has got to be some kind of seasonal thing, because just this past Monday I was hit by such an intense craving for hot fried protein that I more or less shanghaied my husband into taking me out to the local Chinese place for lunch. Chicken fingers, egg rolls, deep-friend butterflied shrimp....

Argh! Deep-fried. (I could have sworn I corrected that typo -- I know I spotted it.)

I was all craving, and the Universe provided me with vegetarian eggrolls at my job cafeteria. They were even tasty!

This post makes me feel like I would commit crimes up to a class A misdemeanor for a Monte Cristo right now. Or some Raising Cane's. I did not believe chicken fingers could taste as good as actual fried chicken pieces until I had some.

after several days of stress-induced no appetite, it's bounced back with a vengence! not sure if it's coincidental, but damme if I won't head out for something wonderful and fried in just a few - all because of you

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