Seperis (seperis) wrote,

food woes

I'm really craving something fried right now.

Not in a pan, either. Something from a deep fryer, with sunflower oil. Something rolled in raw egg and then flour (or cornmeal)and salt and pepper, dropped into boiling oil, turning golden-brown and crispy and delicious. I want--hmm. Chicken fingers, the ones that turn deep tan and the edges flake off. Or God, chicken, still with skin, soaked in egg and milk, rolled in flour and salt and spices, resoaked, re-rolled, then dropped in and made golden-brown perfection. Eggrolls. Deep fried potatoes. Fajitas sealed with hot cheese and grilled onions on homemade tortills.

God, I am hungry, and no one around here serves anything in the overly greased family. Dammit.

Yes, yes, yes, arteries, but God, food.
Tags: food
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