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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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moderator fascism can be a good thing!
children of dune - leto 1
The reason I don't mod communities very often is my strong fascist tendency to want to control all aspects of the community. Which is why if I co-mod with svmadelyn, I tend to never go near the community if I can help it, just to avoid the problems inherent in a sudden, unquenchable desire to oppress people and make them bow.

Case in point.

seperis: Did you put [removed username to protect the stupid] person on moderated status?
svmadelyn: no
seperis: Hmm
seperis: Can we put them on moderated status?
svmadelyn: well, what would that accomplish?
svmadelyn: I never bothered to tell them I was deleting their post
seperis: Because it is fun.
svmadelyn: I just delete.
svmadelyn: If you want to power trip, I shall not stand in your way.
svmadelyn: *generous*
seperis: Hmm
seperis: How do I mod just one person?
seperis: *frowns*
seperis: lj is not being efficient here.
svmadelyn: *grins*
svmadelyn: Now, by mod, do you mean, ban them?
seperis: No
svmadelyn: Because you can deny posting access, or you can deny membership altogether.
seperis: Just make it so all their posts have to be approved.
svmadelyn: No, can't do that.
seperis: *sulks*
seperis: life sucks.
svmadelyn: I know, I know.
seperis: You could do it in mailing lists!
seperis: Fine
seperis: I am taking away their posting access!
seperis: ...when I figure out how to do that.
svmadelyn: But it could be entertaining!
svmadelyn: I want to see if they entertain me again.
seperis: *sulks* WHY?
svmadelyn: *vetoes blackballing!*
svmadelyn: Because!
seperis: Oh come on.
seperis: Let's go darkside here.
svmadelyn: Blackball someone else!
svmadelyn: go blackball cj.
svmadelyn: She'll never notice.
svmadelyn: It'll be good practice for you!

Note to cjandre--I would never blackball you. But note that svmadelyn would. Not me. So send me more porn plz.

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*smiles sweetly* I'd worry if I thought CJ ever read her flist.

*hums smugly*

*content* I'll email her a link and then she will love me best and send me porn.

Your modly smackdown is sexy. Don't ever change. :D


I would make such an awesome dictator. I'm capricious and vindictive and have a rage half-life of about five minutes. It's entirely possible I can completely forget not only that I banned someone, but why I banned them at the first sign of brownies.

It's sad that I know all of the above from experience and unfortunate choices in flist filtering. *sad*

I think I'm a good admin, in that I'm one of those people who has strictish rules, but I'll lay them out and explain them politely to anyone who breaks them, and try to make everything as clear and fair as possible. But I'm a horrible minion, because if you give me the ability to change things, then I have a really really hard time controlling the urge to fix things that I think need fixing. Although, I do take orders well, just only if they're really really specific. (I actually always find this hilarious about myself. I'm good at leading, I'm good at following, but I suck at the middle ground, where I'm in the position to do something but for some unknown reason I'm not supposed to.)

You should make that suggestion to suggestions. I can't imagine it's easy programming/databasing (yes, I am totally making that a word), so it would be in the work queue forever, but there's no chance if it's not in the queue in the first place.

True. It would be nice to be able to set a single person on mod status, especially if they're new to the community. Or being really,really against the FAQ.

Yay for banning! It's my favorite part of community management.

It really, really is.


:snerk: I still love that due to the userinfo on the comms I run, I have the power to delete anything I damn well want. 'OMG SQUEE' is off-topic and can be deleted. mwhahahaha.

Mmmm. Corruptive power.

God, now I want someone to annoy me so I can ban them. Sadly, I mod only one comm, and everyone there behaves.

*sighs* God, I know the feeling. I have all this mad desire to abuse power! And nowhere to use it.

is blackball the same as blackmailing, or does it have more connotations to it ?

Re: I am curious...

No, they're two separate and distinct concepts.

Blackball, taken from here.

Main Entry: 1black·ball
Pronunciation: 'blak-"bol
Function: transitive verb
1 : to vote against; especially : to exclude from membership by casting a negative vote
2 a : to exclude socially : OSTRACIZE b : BOYCOTT

You and SVMadelyn are so cute! :D

Mods using their modly power to oppress strike down the stupid gives me a delightful tingle. <tingles>

svmadelyn: Blackball someone else!
svmadelyn: go blackball cj.
svmadelyn: She'll never notice.
svmadelyn: It'll be good practice for you!


I- I... highly resemble that remark.

And you say you want porn? I don't know. I don't think you deserve porn after that. and to think I've actually been outlining and story planning on my SGA Big Bang story.


Still, I suppose it is nice to be thought of, even if only in the sense of being blackballed for fun!

hee hee

You two are EVIL and probably going to work on taking over the world some day.

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