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comfort fic

So, I'm in the low-appreciation-for-the-world place. So. Comfort fics. Probably have recced before.

Time in a Bottle by astolat - limited holographic environments never get old. I was torn between the claustrophobia of the beginning--which is fairly hard to get across when they're trapped in a beachhouse, but I was totally there with them freaking out--to the widening of the world with their minds. There's some lesson in here about the space within our minds being endless, but honestly, I'm so not in the pseudo-analytical place. I'm mostly in the warm, comfy place. The piano lessons and physics lessons and just--everything. I think this is the one I printed out for my flight to Vancouver a couple of years ago. It still just makes me quietly, quietly happy.

An Aesthetic, Solitary Thing by eliade - Alien!McKay! That is never not fun. And it's sweet, and they're friends and there is pon farr kind of, and wings and how can this not be love? Awesome.

As Lost As You Get by lilysaid - a really awesome Epiphany what if. Rodney is awesome in here, and so are his insights into the society of proto-Ancients wandering around being useless and boring. Loved.


And that reminds me.

One of the few what-if's I've never been curious to write but thought would be interesting is if they hadn't been able to get to John until he'd given up in sheer unrelenting boredom and Ascended. And possible Descended, or whatever the word is, popping up naked and--whoa, wait.


Yeah. Good times. Naked in Atlantis after say, three days of him being lost behind the field. Post-Ascension Rodney, otoh, always worries me--unlike John, I'm not sure Rodney would come back. I'm still thinking about it.

You know, I wonder, if say all of Atlantis one day just randomly Ascended, which ones would want to go back.
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