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The Toybox

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rec - somnus by sealie
children of dune - leto 1
Snatched from ltlj's lj,

Somnus. by Sealie. Also author of Cusp. This is so fun. Long, long, long, all plot and mystery and not a little creepy. No season three spoilers. Did I mention fun? 'Cause it totally is. And totally kept me up until two in the morning. Which is not a good idea when next day is work? Yet so worth it.

ETA: *grins* Forgot to say, gen as well.

ETA 2: forgot to close a > I hate >.

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I went in and had to stop myself from hitting the back button when I saw the picture. Looked around quickly for it to be "Gen" -- phew!
Thanks for the rec!

Added gen to rec! I usually remember.

LOL, that was my reaction exactly when I went to bookmark it. *g*

Wasn't that great? I was lucky I found it earlier in the evening, or I would have been up late too.

I just did *not* want to stop. With the alien and medical thing! very awesome.

You have the link labeled "SomnusCusp", but I think you just mean "Somnus". CCusp is actually a different story (though in the same series).

*sad* I just broke my links. It was tragical. And moving.

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