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del.icio.us addiction
children of dune - leto 1
Organizing del.icio.us tags has to be the equivalent of organizing your pantry in alphabetical order. I mean, I'm like, refining tags, staring at them to see if they should be more detailed or less detailed or--something.


1 abuse
1 alien
1 aliens
6 amtdi
1 atlantis
5 au
1 author
1 author-amireal
1 author-briar-rose
1 author-beanside
3 author-big-pink
1 author-blinkiesays
1 author-brighid
1 author-cesperanza
1 author-chelle
1 author-cjandre
1 author-eighth-horizon
1 author-eliade
1 author-eloise-bright
1 author-elvichar
1 author-esohpe
3 author-ignipes
1 author-imperfectcircle
1 author-janusglance
1 author-kormatic
1 author-kuonji
1 author-leahwoof
1 author-lithiumdoll
2 author-marinarusalka
1 author-maygra
1 author-mintwitch
1 author-miss-porcupine
1 author-missporcupine
1 author-nilchance
1 author-princess-bunny
1 author-quasar
11 author-rageprufrock
1 author-regann
1 author-rei-c
1 author-shrift
1 author-stele3
1 author-troll-princess
1 author-wickedwords
1 author-wrenlet
1 bdsm
1 blog
2 bodymod
1 brian/justin
1 character-death
4 crossover
3 dean
1 dean/ofc
5 dean/sam
1 fairies
3 fandom-eureka
1 fandom-queer-as-folk
32 fandom-stargate:atlantis
18 fandom-supernatural
1 fandom-torchwood
1 five-things
3 flashfic
18 gen
1 glasses
7 het
2 humor
1 implant
3 incest
1 jack
1 john-scientist
2 kink
1 lithiumdoll
39 livejournal
2 lorne
4 mckay
2 McKay-and-Mrs-Miller
1 mckay-genderswitch
2 meta
1 mirror
1 multiverse
1 mute
1 mutilation
1 post-Intruder
1 pre-Intruder
1 pre-series
1 pre-TheReturn-II
1 rape
1 rodney-military
1 sam/jess
1 scribblinlenore
2 season-first
3 season-second
1 season-third
6 sequel
1 sexpollen
4 sheppard
1 sheppard-mckay
25 sheppard/mckay
1 sheppard/weir
1 siren-dean
26 slash
3 teyla/m
2 time-travel
1 virgin
1 voodoo
6 website
1 wings
2 wraithbait
1 yuletide


Part of it is to jog my memory, part of it is organization, but most of it is this weird, weird glee. Siren-dean! Own tag! mckay-genderswitch! own tag! Wait, in one the descriptor is first, then the name, in the other, the name is first! Must fix! MUST MAKE IT PERFECT!

Seriously. This is like OCD level stuff. God this is fun.

Please tell me everyone else does this. Lie if you have to.

*laughs* I do it too. (I'm needfire on del.icio.us).

It's *fun*. And all--like, I'm always thinking, how do I make *sure* this is accurate? Really accurate? And easy to read? AND COVERS EVERY POSSIBLE VARIATION EVER.

Uh ... yeah ... sure ... I do this too ...

*backs away from the crazy person* :-)

Actually, I've no real clue what del.icio.us is but now that I've seen your tag list I'm gonna have to go find out! Are you *trying* to make sure I never have time to find a job??? :-)

oooh. http://del.icio.us. It's a bookmarking site, so you can store your bookmarks there--WITH TAGS! TAGS!

It is like chocolate. Really good chocolate.

*whispers* I admit it, I do it too. It's an addiction. I don't know why. Though most of my tags are for recipes, because I love food.

Hey, you know, the bundle feature is really useful. You could create a bundle called "authors" or "fandom" and then just stick all the tags under those--they're like folders. Very useful.

(I'm faitel on del.icio.us. Though I haven't really gotten around to organizing all my fandom stuff yet, so they're all just strewn wildly about.)

OOh, I was wondering what the bundles were! thank you!

I don't refine my delicious tags much.

But I've been trying to tag and retag all my lj posts ever since they added the tag feature.

And I spent *years* refining the tags on the database-driven index of my personal fanfic stash. I think I've finally got them to the point where they're practically perfect.

So much *fun*. *grins* You have a database for your fanfic stash? That is *awesome*.

I haven't even gotten to adding tags about content! But it's so fun to tag. :D I don't have 'author-' in front of my author tags though, since i bundle them together. :D

I am so looking forward to testing the bundling. So. Much.

Now I feel all ashamed. My account is currently looking like my sock drawer -- a lot of stuff tossed in with a cursory attempt at organization (i.e., they've got a tag), but really just chaotic and I'm always surprised by what I find in there when I do a straight perusal of the list.

And, hey, I've got double tags on your list! :)

I have an account, but I haven't added anything yet. I'm afraid that once I start transferring bookmarks (hell, I've got eight (8) folders with 350 SGA fics each in my memories already), I won't be able to stop.

Oh, yes. I need to retag! I do not have author tags, and I think I should, and --*flails* yes. I have a very rudimentary tagging system in place, but as soon as I get my website up to date, I am redoing my del.icio.us tags and they will be glorious, Jenn, GLORIOUS.

(My spice cabinet is not in alphabetical order, but it *is* sorted into several groups by function. As are the contents of my freezer. I might be just a touch obsessive.)

I haven't added much fannish content at ALL because I am afraid I would never ever stop. Ever.

I haven't really gotten going with organising my links yet, but my books on librarything have 10,000 tags. http://www.librarything.com/tags.php?view=Aquila

I can't get on LJ at work, so the closest I can get to fic is being on del.icio.us. ALL DAY. Sometimes I refine my tags, sometimes I just search for whatever I'm craving and then sigh over the results because I can't GET to them. (This is not painting me in a good light, is it?)

(Deleted comment)
I'm starting to do it too, although since I just got one I haven't even STARTED to get my fic faves on there. God, going through my SGA fics is going to be somewhat awe-inspiring.

Well, NOW I'm going to do it. Seriously, I'm not that organized. I think I have fun, funny, and Funny as tags.

I've seen a few others use the author-xxxx format, but when you start to have upwards of five hundred authors? a little wearisome, and not so many others use it. If you're into the social aspect.

I'll regularly repost links I find on sgastoryfinders, because there's always an interesting category to add that maybe I didn't think of the first, second or third time around.