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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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yay squid!
children of dune - leto 1
To make my blueberry pancakeless morning a little more interesting:


Which is a far more dramatic header than the omgsoawesome Colossal Squid has been captured! An adult! Really really big! Weighs half a ton! A half-ton of calamari!

Check out the photos. The awesomeness of a colossal squid cannot be enough emphasized.

Also. Huh. That is awfully big, isn't it? I mean--that thing could like, eat things. Like say, me. If I were, you know, casually swimming in Antarctica. For fun.

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I feel somehow, Rodney and John must discuss this over breakfast.

I saw a People Eating Monster Squid movie when I was a little kid. No, I was not scarred for life, but as I clicked I was hoping it was just as big. Sadly, Movie Squid still bigger.

Thirty-nine feet is really freaking big.


So, if I ever had a desire to go swimming in Antartica, it is now gone, whoosh!

On the other hand, now I have an urge to go eat calamari... and I don't even like squid!

*has 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea nightmare flashbacks*

I wonder who would win between a giant squid and a shark... *munches on pop corn*

And the marine biologists must be creaming their pants. This is the second one in about 5 years that's been found. *grins* Really, really cool.

*flails* Eeeee! I, um, have had a thing for colossal squid ever since I read an article about them in New Scientist. They're big! And aggressive! And it's going to be preserved in Te Papa museam which I can walk to from my house!

Calimari rings the size of tractor tires. Awesome.

Oh Man, You have made my week! I've already squee'd to about 300 people, none of whom seem to think squid are as fabulous as I do. I loves squids. awwww... this is so awesome! ::goes off to cuddle a squid::

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