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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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back hurts, long day, send help
the gekko story
My back hurts. Stupid work. Somehow, I forgot that using my laptop at work makes me slave to the slight-too-low cubicle desks, which in turn makes me hunch, which--you see where this is going. Ouch. So many nerves of ouch.

Send brownies. Or you know, porn. Or ooh. Brownie porn!

...hmm. Let me rethink option three there.

In other news, I'm reminded a great deal why I loathe politicians, with the latest soundbite regarding the mandatory vaccination of girls for HPV included me waking up to the words "vaccinate Texas sluts." I love the news. I just wish I'd seen the guy who said it. And it was a guy. People with penises are remarkably judgemental on how women use their vaginas. I've noted this before.

If ever there was a time I wanted to claim agnosticism, that would be today. I don't know what offends me more--the people coopting my religion for what amounts to being manslaughter or the people who let them.

God, I have never said this and meant it more, but--I need a drink. Get back to me when I've gotten over the fact that I'm supporting Rick Perry, whose aid is a freaking lobbyist for Merck, who did this by a George Busheque mandate, which I hate so much it actually makes me nauseated, but. But but dammit but.

This is one of those days people bewilder me. I look at my son and think there's nothing, nothing I wouldn't do to protect him (see items 1-5, the stupid things he'll do in his life that he'll have to figure out on his own, up to and including arrest, but he's ten, so I'm still in the anything place). And I just--can't imagine parents out there looking at their daughters and thinking, her sexual purity is worth more than her existence. I can't imagine looking at any girl or woman on earth and thinking, her sexual purity is worth more than her life. I cannot even comprehend the idea that someone would value their mother's, their sister's, their daughter's barely-existent hymen so highly they'd let them die for it.

Okay, seriously. I need a drink. Why again can I not drink at work?

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People with penises are remarkably judgemental on how women use their vaginas. I've noted this before.

People with penises are remarkably judgemental about anyone who takes said penises into an orifice. Doesn't stop them sticking their penises into orifices at any and every opportunity. Hypocrites.

Also? You can drink at work. You just need a nice, discreet little flask to hide the booze in until you get a chance to spike your coffee.

I cynically submit that the whole idea about being overly concerned with other people's potentially-penis-accepting orifices has to do with trying to get as many of those orifices as possible under the control of those possessing the penises rather than by those possessing the orifices. Hence the cultural mindset of dividing all females into either the ones who have saved their orifices for the use of a single penis, or the ones who no longer have the right of refusal and come in for lots of other social penalties besides.

Word, word, WORD. Nothing makes me angrier than conservative Christians using our shared religion to bolster their certainly-not-shared-by-ME views. I don't know that anything is more damaging to our religion of love than people citing it while spewing intolerance and hate.

I, too, feel like I need a Silkwood shower after actually agreeing with Governor Goodhair on something.

What keeps getting to me is that people complain about giving the vaccine to young girls, thinking that it implies that their daughters are sluts.

When in fact, my mother is beating her head against the wall because the younger the age at which you get the vaccine, the more effective it is.

*runs away*

The most ridiculous part of that argument is the apparent assumption that as soon as a girl gets vaccinated, she'll immediately go out and have lots and lots of promiscuous sex. The hell? In what world does that assumption equate to logic? In the universe with no shrimp? I mean, really, the hell?! God help us if researchers come up with a vaccine against HIV. People will go completely ape-shit crazy if it's mandated for school-aged children because they'll insist that all their boys will immediately go out and indulge in butt-sex.

Yeah, or that NOT getting vaccinated would somehow prevent girls from having sex... If they want sex, they're going to have it vaccination or not.

I think it's more--a punishment. If they have sex and have the vaccine, they won't be punished. It was pregnancy, but birth control is so prevalent that it's possible to circumvent it. Now--now there's a way to stop them from being punished for being bad.

In that context, it's possibly even more sick.

In that context, it's possibly even more sick.

No shit. Ignorance that deep is truly frightening.

I don't have cookies, but I could send John with a proposal.*points to icon*

I don't have brownies either.*headdesk*

Oh that is an awesome icon. Very awesome. *purrs at the pretty*

Heh, thank you. It's actually one of two that belong together. The second one *points again* features Rodney.

Hope you are feeling better soon.

OH God thoe slogans would work so well for Ianto/Captain Jack in Torchwood are they copyrighted or can I use ??

Of course can you use it. Ianto/Captain Jack? That really works.*nods*

It really does - I shall be working on those later Thanks :-)

And its like these guys don't realize that you could be a virgin when you get married and still get HPV from your husband. (Or get raped. Don't forget the way saintly virgin rapes make these guys feel.) Especially when its so symptomless that people just aren't aware that they're carriers.

I'm not sure how I feel about the state-mandated vaccinations, but that's purely because its still somewhat new and I think that parents should still have a choice. In the long term? I absolutely think it won't effect sexual habits at all but will prevent a lot of ills. (I also think it that it should be mandatory for everyone, not just women. Partly for the social responsibility, but mostly because studies show its also involved in rectal cancer, although not to the same extent.)

Should I clarify that I don't think that someone who has, or has had, multiple partners deserves HPV in a way that a virgin doesn't? I just think its an argument that has a chance of working.

If you ever in your life engage in penetrative sex, you're at risk. There's never a guarantee that your partner is telling you everything, no matter how many precautions you take. (Yes, the risk certainly varies, but there's always a risk.) They're not just betting their daughters' lives on the fact that they'll stay virginal until (and monogamous after) they marry, but they're betting their daughters' lives on the fact that their husband stayed virginal until (and monogamous after) they marry.

(I also think it that it should be mandatory for everyone, not just women. Partly for the social responsibility, but mostly because studies show its also involved in rectal cancer, although not to the same extent.)

According to the CDC information is inconclusive as yet about the HPV vaccine's effectiveness when given to males. I'm all for helpful preventative vaccines if they actually work, but I would like them to know conclusively what the effects are before they make it mandatory. They currently have that information from studies conducted on girls and women aged 9 to 26, but not on older women or boys/men of any age.

I'm somewhat uncomfortable with it being made mandatory for girls at this time, so I'm certainly not pushing it on the boys too. But I do think that if testing bears it out, it should be made mandatory for all children.

Given the choice, I'd much rather see mandatory health education in the classroom, including a discussion of safer sex practices and how effective and ineffective they are, and explaining why a yearly pap exam and other cancer screenings (such as skin) are so important. Especially given that the vaccine doesn't protect against all strains of cancer-causing HPVs and so it will decrease the rate but not eradicate it, while a pap test is very effective in catching pre-cancerous cells. Granted, I'd certainly rather vaccinate against HPV than treat it, but like everything involving sex, its about minimizing risks because there's no eliminating them.

I have painkillers but not, alas, the brownies or the porn. Feel better.

Ummm. Brownie porn? Hope this helps.

The brownies were still hot from their improvised cookplate over the campire, held delicately in John's hand as he brought the treat to Rodney's mouth. Firm lips and suction closed around his fingers, an amalgamation of Rodney's tongue and the moist chocolate center of the brownie.
A few crumbs escaped, delicatlely balanced on the corner of Rodney's mouth, and John slowly lowered his head to catch them, sliding his tongue along Rodney's mouth even as he withdrew his finger, letting his own lips close over the appendage to chase the lingering flavor of chocolate and Rodney. McKay's breath stuttered for a moment, warm and moist against John's eyelashes a moment before their lips touched.
"Do you want some more?" John asked softly, the words almost lost as Rodney swallowed harshly.
"Oh, hell yes," McKay gasped.
The rest of the brownies were eaten cold.

Hope your day gets better. *Hugs*

I actually do know of two brownie porn stories. Let's see if I can find links . . .

Okay, you'll find "Brownie Batter and Imladris Twins" on this page. Scroll down to between the shadow and the soul, it's a side-fic for Book One: The Gift of Death. It's a Buffy/Lord of the Rings crossover, be warned . . .

And you'll find "Menage a Brownies"here, an HP universe trio-fic.

I also had A Day, but not so bad as yours . . .

When Baby Girl started developing at the age of seven, and then got her period when she was eight, there were people who were shocked that I had given her the facts of sex and reproduction. Her youth and innocence were somehow supposed to be protected by my not educating her on exactly why she was getting her period and what that implied.

Girls and women being given the facts about their lives and sexuality really threatens some people. Coincidently, many of the people so threatened have penises. Although it is actually more difficult for me to understand the adult women who seem threatened by this.

Hope you feel better.

You've saved me the bother of emailing a friend who's getting the HPV vaccine because I'd forgotten the name of the virus from when she told me about it! (Though I may email her anyway ^_^)
I'm not sure yet if the health service in the UK is offering the vaccine, but I intend to find out because from what I've heard and read it sounds like a very good idea. And surely getting vaccinated doesn't involve any loss of virginity? I don't really see why people should associate it with a loss of innocence for their children, but obviously a lot of these arguments aren't coming from a rational standpoint to start with.
Also, from what I understand of the virus, if you've had sex then you might as well not bother with the vaccine because chances are you'll have contracted the virus already - it's just that common.
I do understand the hesitation about the vaccine because it's so new. But I don't really have a problem with it being mandatory - after all, we get vaccinated against all sorts of diseases almost immediately after birth, and I'm pretty sure some if not all of those are mandatory vaccinations, right?

I'm totally enamored with the idea that a small chance of cancer decades in the future is actually acting as a deterrent for sex. Because that's pretty much the basis of the entire "HPV vaccine will lead to an upswing in sexual activity" argument, and yet it's so ludicrous. Also, of course, there's the whole thing about how you could stay a virgin until marriage and still get HPV from your husband. Mostly, though: this is a fucking vaccine for cancer. I can't imagine a mindset in which that is a bad thing.

I'm reminded a great deal why I loathe politicians,

Me too! And I don't even have the luxury of viewing some of the local ones from afar. I work for them. And I have zero tolerance for their shenanigans, especially in an election year. Office politics are bad enough. Add in actual local politics and politicians and the lunacy reaches new levels.

And an "Amen, Sistah!" on the vaccine. I only wish it had been available when I was young and that my mother would have hopefully insisted on it. Knowing my mother, I doubt she would have associated it with sex but more The Big C.

I've always been fascinated with the double standard in the good ol' USofA.

We want our kids to remain pure (and ignorant, apparently) until their wedding day, yet much of what they see in ads and on TV/in movies has a strong sexual content. WTF?

As for so-called Christians? I'm reminded of a bumpersticker I saw a while back; 'Dear Lord, save me from your followers'. Whatever happened to the Golden Rule?

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