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children of dune - leto 1
The Chronology Protection Agency

I have no idea why--adn this is my own fault for surfing off of Lorentzian wormhole theory--but this is just the coolest thing ever. I now have images of tiny little spacetime squid-blobs in little suits with clipboards lecturing offenders on how not to break spacetime by time traveling--"No, no, bad scientist, you are in time out, no more particle physics for *you*."

You know, at least a majority of my inability to comprehend physics is the fact it's really freaking *hard* to get a visual on some of this.

I'm kind of punchy from trying to comprehend closed timelike curves. I can't even give a reason for reading this, to be honest. It was a wikipedia random surfing thing.

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I'm just glad I'm not the only one who does random wiki surfing.

Can't get to half the sites I like at work, so play around on the one I can. :)

If it's any help, regular physicists can't really visualize theoretical physics either. When for example you ask in advanced quantum physics lectures what some equation means and how you are supposed to imagine that, you'd get answers like that nobody really knows for sure how to interpret it, that basically most metaphors for the equations (if they exist at all) just break down into weirdness or only visalize some aspect (e.g. like that thing that matter is both "particle" and "wave", that metaphor is just broken), and that you should be content that the equations are consistent and work for explaining/predicting the results of experiments, and then you were advised that after a while you'd get used to it with practice.

Sounds a lot like Jasper Fforde's SpecOps ChronoGuard. Fun!

No wonder McKay's got such a good imagination. But now I have a mental image of a Rodney in a puddlejumper being pulled over by squid-things. And John laughing his ass off in the copilot's seat.

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