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children of dune - leto 1
Yay! Tickets booked! After fairly high levels of stress, and I *still* can't get seats for me and Child together on the first leg. but!

It will be svmadelyn and seperis and Child Get Lost in Chicago!

We are very excited. For those wandering around the greater Chicago area--we'll be in the city from 3/12--3/15. Okay, so. Now the question. The only hotel I've been to in Chicago is the one for vividcon, and we're kind of looking for something in the area of all the museums, or at least three out of five museums, since I think the Science/Tech one is fairly far from the others. *uncertain* I think. If you have met me, you know I have the sense of direction of a dodo. By that, I mean, it does not exist. So could you please, please, please recommend hotels or even a general area to *look* at hotels that is convenient to the fun stuff?


God, this will be Child's first flight. I am thinking to bring benadryl along. Just in case.

We will not get lost! I have the map still! I will not be humiliated in front of Child!

....and if we do get lost, we find the nearest place with candy/food and that's where we planned to go all along.

Thank God for the map. *wipes sweat away* Well *I* feel better now.


That. That is exactly when I was planning on spending time up there.

Yes, the Science and Industry is a bit farther past the others, but still easy to locate. If you're driving, they've redone the whole museum area in the last ten years so it's much, much easier to navigate. I don't know much about hotels in the area since I just drive from home (obviously), but I'll ask the parents. (though there's probably a more informed Chicago person on your flist who will respond shortly).

Parents suggested using orbitz and putting in something like the art institute (in that area) as the point of interest. Some of them are pretty pricey, because of the area. Have a good time!

Science and Tech is in Hyde Park which is pretty out of the city, but it easily accessable by bus. You'd probably want a hotel somewhere in the loop or south loop.

Loop seems the wisest choice so far.

The Vividcon hotel is waaaay out by O'Hare and a good $60 cab ride downtown or a 45min ride on the El. I'd suggest staying *downtown* downtown- the border streets being Jackson Blvd to the south, the lake on the east, Chicago Ave to the north and Franklin St to the west. That way you can utilize the El and buses, and if you're close to Mich Ave there are buses that will take you to the Museum of S&I, the Art Institute, Shedd, and the Field Museum, not to mention many other points of interest. I'd suggest getting a City Pass which gets you in to 5 major attractions at a decent price. You can also get daily unlimited ride passes from the CTA.

Any hotel downtown will run you about $200 a night and all are very decent and safe. They might have packages to offer since the winter is a slow time for tourism. There are loads of places to eat and hang out and plenty of things to see.

Train and bus info: http://www.transitchicago.com/
City Pass: http://www.citypass.com/city/chicago.html

Hope this helps!

Seconded to all of this. I would also recommend Navy Pier as an attraction if you have the time. It's a good time.

Cool! I'm going to be in Chicago, but in August, after Vividcon. I hope you guys have a great time!

Thanks! *hugs*

And DARN IT. We totaly miss each other *every time*.

We stayed at the Holiday Inn on Harrison. It's not the *best* area, but it's also nowhere near as crappy as some of the tripadvisor.com reviews say it is. It's about a mile from the centre and has the most *incredible* breakfast/restaurant area.

Oooh. *writes down* Thank you!

I second the recommendation for a City Pass. I'm told that they're very useful.
Priceline might be able to get you a deal on a hotel room. Barring that, try looking a bit north of the Loop. O'Hare is technically in Chicago, but it's quite a bit north and west of the actual city. If you don't want to deal with a cab, you'll be taking the Blue Line from the basement of Terminal 2 into the city. The museum campuses are on the south side, fairly easily accessible by bus or El.
I am a Chicago person. Drop me a note - I would like to say hi! bkwyrm@bkwyrm.net

*bounces* I am so excited.

And definitely, as soon as Madelyn approves the schedule so we know what we're doing. And possibly trying to hang ourselves after two museums a day. As she is the organizing one and I? Nod.

Dinner maybe?

Ooooo. Are you guys coming to the Field? I can get you in for free, if you'd like.

God yes, that's Child's primary reason for wanting to go. *bounces* And thank you! *hugs*

Hmm. I'll check with my sister

Because we're going to be in Chicago over the weekend of 3/17.

Darnit, I could have stalked the infamous seperis &svmadelyn in Chi-Town.


What sort of "range" are y'all in? For hotels, because I have a feeling the ones closest to the museums are going to be pricey.

Maybe I'll annoy bubonicplague, as she lives there.

I'll go annoy and then report back.

Re: Hmm. I'll check with my sister

OH awesome.

And damn! I was going to try for the weekend, but it turned out to be impossible.

And if you find out anything, do let me know?

(Deleted comment)
I was looking at them. You mention breakfast--only my favoritest meal in the entire world. *sighs happily* Breakfast.

Oh, I adore Chicago! You'll have a wonderful time.

As far as hotels, I've had terrific luck using www.priceline.com. You want a hotel in the "Loop - Grant Park" area. I see that they list two rooms in a 4-star hotel at $229, so I'd "Name my own price" starting at $100, then work your way up. I like Priceline becase a 4-star hotel is a 4-star hotel, so you're guaranteed something very nice, in the region you want. It can be a pain, though, because priceline won't let you immediately try again. So far I've been delighted with all the hotels and the prices.

Good luck! Go to the Field and the Art Institute! Lucky, lucky seperis.

Hee! I told Madelyn and she started running it last night to see what wed come up with.


Definitely get a Citypass if you're doing museums-- it looks like a great deal, especially if it lets you into at least some of the exhibits that otherwise require extra tickets (the special stuff at the aquarium is definitely worth seeing if you're going there). Oh, and at Science and Industry, be sure to check out the (fairly new) robots exhibit. It's amusing, and includes toy robots from various shows and movies.

What others said about hotels-- you definitely don't want to be way out at O'Hare, and the Loop would be ideal, but on the expensive side. The Chicago Reader restaurant finder is a good source for restaurant reviews/info, and you can specify the area you want, as well as price range, food type, etc.

If you want more specific information or help figuring out CTA directions to places or anything like that, feel free to comment or e-mail.

Oh, and try the Chicago-style stuffed pizza if you're into pizza and have not experienced this. It looks like there's at least one Giordano's in the loop-- they're pretty good. My personal favorite is the cheese and spinach one...

God, *robots*. I can't wait.

We are demanding pizza, totally. I'm actually drooling thinking about it right now.

A lot of the museums have free days, or at least they used to when I was a kid and we went to them all the time. A lot of the schools do field trips on those days so they can be crowded, though. But, yes, seconding the above comment that they've redone a lot of the museum campuses, so you can basically drive right by them all, and they're all close by and whatnot.

Parking is a huge pain, like most cities; the El is really convenient and pretty cheap, though, so check that out for transportation. As to hotels, I'm not much help because when we didn't live nearby, we always had relatives in the area, so we stayed with them. But the central part, the Loop, is where you want to be, with all the good stores and eatings and museums and walking and such. (The major El lines all go in a loop around the area, although I don't know if that's why it's called that.) But really, if you get a hotel with close El access you can get into the fun stuff. It's just that being in the Loop will be faster.

*nod* The loop seems like where we'll be focusing our attention.


In regard to seating on the plane? I would totally, totally ask at the check in counter if there is any way you can sit together. If you are able to be flexible as to where you sit, I should think they would be able to get you together. I wouldn't bother to call in advance, because they aren't going to be able to tell you anything till the day of, but especially with it being a first flight I can't imagine that they wouldn't find a way.

I got an aisle seat on an international flight just by asking day of (someone always cancels, even on something as big as an international flight), so you should for sure have no problem with a domestic flight.

Above all, HAVE FUN!!!! :)

*hugs* Thanks!

I'm easy on where. It's just Child's first flight, so in case it freaks him out, he'll be able to do his dramatic rendition of Child Being Evilly Oppressed by Parent in *my* lap. *g*