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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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oh my god oh my god
children of dune - leto 1
Okay. This is my morning.

Clt calls into office. Cliet is on the toilet.

Client is not leaving the toilet while talking to me.

Oh my God. How is this my life?

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My old boss used to do that all the time.


Urk. That's bad phone etiquette, right there.

It is icky even in memory.

And God she talked a long time.

OMG, we share the restrooms with another business on our floor and some of the women were always on the phone while in there what is so damn important that it can't wait until they get out. It got so bad that someone complained because they were uncomfortable and asked building management put a no cell phone sign in the restroom. :)

You have every right to hang up on someone in that situation.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I thought you deserved some privacy."
"That's damned rude, you know."
"Must've been a bad connection from all the plumbing & privacy panels..."

*comforts* I'm so sorry. This reminds the time this woman who works on my floor. I was in the restroom when she walked in on her cell phone... and proceeded to use the facilities while still talking on the phone. I wasn't sure what the etiquette on flushing a toilet was during someone's cell phone conversation... but since she decided to bring her game into the restrooms, I made sure to flush twice :) People really have no shame these days. I swear 65% of the population was raised by hyenas. *sigh*

I swear 65% of the population was raised by hyenas.

More like 85%, I think. Sheesh.

My brother uses his cell on the toilet too, but at least he doesn't tell you while you're on the phone with him. So I guess that's something. But then he never parts from his various mobile communication devices, and on my personal scale it beats him text messaging while driving (once he even wrote an email while driving, and I was in the passenger seat pretty much closing my eyes on hoping for the best). I mean, at least using the phone on the toilet isn't unsafe, you know?

...you have a point there.


Email while *driving*?

Hmmmm. Yeah, that is truly not a nice thing to deal with first thing in the morning.


not so much, no. and the rest of the day? did not improve by much. Gah. Thank god for fanfic.

That's inexcusably rude. I think I might have told her to call back when she wasn't otherwise engaged!

Don't you just wonder WTF? when you get people who don't have a problem talking with others while on the pot? *shakes head*

It's very--something. Something very weird.

Larry King recounts how he once took an interview from Lyndon Johnson (yes, the president) while Johnson was on the can. Further reports suggest this was not an unusual activity for Johnson.

So, your client is in the company of warmongering exhibitionist ex-presidents. She should feel... maybe not proud, per se.

Dearest god. *boggles*

The only reason I can imagine for making such a call is to call a medical professional to discuss "reasons I can't get more than 3 feet from the toilet". (or to call someone who will call the doctor for you)

But maybe the client thinks ze's Louis the XIV -- nobles seeking his favor had to attend his morning "toilette" (getting washed & dressed), but if you were extra super close to him you got to attend him at his stool (toilet).

Dear God.

You know, unless they start calling me Your Magesty? They need to stay *far* from the bathroom when chatting.

I work in insurance, and I have had people call in while sitting in the bathtub and while sitting on the toilet. The bathtubber told me she couldn't write anything down b/c "she was taking a bath and had nothing to write on," and the toilet-sitter never said anything. I had my moment of realization when I heard the tell tell sound of a toilet flushing. I remember trying to get him off the phone as quickly as possible.

Oh my GOD. *twitches* the bathtub.

You know what annoys me even more? When people make calls from the next stall while I'm in the toilet. grrrr!

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