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insta!recs and question

Okay, linking, but with this bit--I'm not sure about the etiquette of linking to a community, even if it's open, so if it's not-done, someone tell me?

And make zarah post these somewhere linkable. *grins*

Rosso Relativo by zarah5. Two things really worked for me. The stuttered break-up of the scenes, and Clark, who is the king of being freakily inconsistent. Ah, Smallville writers, how we love thee. Anyway. Most interesting is what he doesn't quite understand about limits, and the Clark and Lex interaction is fascinating. Bonus: interesting discussion in commentary about the story, which I recommend reading.

Underneath by zarah5. Jonathan POV, watching Clark and Lex and some very subtle pre-CLexness going on. Same as above--quick, short scenes, beautiful style, and some interesting things going on in Jonathan's head.

You know? Finding fic I've never read by an author I haven't read? It's turning out to be a good, good week.

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