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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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many recs, so little time!
children of dune - leto 1
I keep trying to find ways to rec this, because the awesome cannot be contained in mere words.

An Earthly Knight by ltlj - it's--I mean, it's. It's AlienElf!John! And it's funny! And they debate what his ears resemble! And there is elfporn! I mean, think uberhot Lord of the Rings elves here, not, you know, the tiny kind. It's *fun* and *funny* and it's this entire culture and John still thinks people will leave him behind! This is serious, amazing fun here.

Another quick rec, given by eleveninches, cause she is awesome like that:

We Were Never Good Soldiers (or Very Good Fighters), by minervacat, Ronon/Teyla. It's lovely, a tiny bit melancholy, amazingly hopeful, beautifully written, on family and changes and the life you live. I really can't describe, but it's lovely.

And added value:

The Towers On The Heights Reach To Heav'n's Own Blue by minervacat, gen. I have to admit, the title is what drew me in. I can and do read on the strength of a really awesome title, and she's one of the most creative titlers in the fandom. The story is SGA/SG1 crossover, Sheppard and Cameron (via email) and sports and building relationships and it's--really good. It's almost a slice of life Atlantis. I love how she writes Sheppard, but she does every character justice.