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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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so i get this call this morning
children of dune - leto 1
So. I start Tuesday. Um. Yay?

She called this morning. I'd just overdosed on some brand new allergy meds because I didn't expect a call before, say, the next millenium. Or I was going to call that afternoon. But lo, she calleth, telling me where and when and what to bring, but she didn't tell me how not to panic. I think I have to have a state ID made. And dear God, do I need clothes.

I'm hired. *blank*

But this means? T-minus thirty-five days to those boots. Or sandals. Or well, something celebratory.

I'm not sure if I'm happy. I'm betting the shock's interfereing with normal brain function. *grins*

Yay me! Er, I think.

Ask me when I'm less drugged. And have eaten something.


Got CD from thete1. It's basically on repeat. Over and over and over. *blissful sigh* Pretty. The part that amuses me is that it STILL takes less time for someone with a fast download speed to send me music regular mail than for me to download it. No, really. Gah. *shakes fist at dial-up*

Found this rec on tstar78's LJ, for Drift by giyenah. I love when fic writers go low key and gentle in their killing of Riftish things and this is just lovely. Sweet and warm and there's pie. We're all good with pie.

fleurbleue is at the manipping again--I've missed a few, darn it. Beach!Clex. meret wants Clark/Lois. And is making manips for it!

Updated memories with more organization and fiction fragments and so on. The big thing that makes LJ inconvenient is diaryland I had an index for all my entries and LJ just doesn't have that. I could make one by hand, which is tempting, because it's tiring to just keep sorting backward by day. Hmm.

Okay, two outfits chosen for next week. Dear God, do I need to go shopping. Thirty-five days. Shall invest in clothes that require no ironing and go with any kind of shoes. And maybe, just maybe, something in a color found in the average spectrum. Maybe. If I'm feeling adventurous. Girl cannot surivive on earthtones alone. Or so people keep telling me.

Eck. More later. I have to go buy egrerious amounts of hose and possibly something in the skirt family.

I hold a regular, normal, person-type job. With benefits. This means that as of Tuesday, I can go right outside and play in the street and if a car hits me? I'm COVERED! They have to fix me! Yay!

No, I'm NOT testing it, but you know, comforting to know.

Breathe breathe breathe.

(Deleted comment)
*hugs* Thanks! Now I just have to, you know, BELIEVE it. It was too simple.

Wow, I really AM paranoid. *grins*

Yay! Benefits! New clothes! Shoes!

I'm very happy for you. (Can you tell? *g*)

Gah. It ate my answer!

*laughs and hugs* Thanks so much!

Entire shoe departments shall tremble come a month from now. *grins*


How much do you rock, dearest?

*grins* I honestly didn't believe it even once I got off the phone. Kept thinking "They meant to call someone ELSE". *grins*

Thanks, chica. *hugs* I'm--still in shock.


Though I am not surprised in the least. ;D

*laughs* I was REALLY surprised. *shakes head*

Thanks so much! *hugs* Yep, still shocky about it.

Woo Hoo!

Don't let 'em fool you. You can live on earthtones alone.


And that's what *I* said! Earthtones and black. Can NOT go wrong with those.

*looks at closet*

It's like living in a black and white movie in there. *grins*

New boots for Jenn!!Yay!
Hmm...By the way, congratulations for the new job.*g*

*giggles* I'm going to appreciate those boots when I get them, dammit.

*hugs* thanks, chica. But--boots! Yay!


And OOOOH. DAMN. I didn't know that was there!

You rock, seriously. *more hugs* Thank you VERY much. Index! I can LOOK for stuff now!

VERY good day going on here.

Congrats! I'm delighted for you. Hope all goes well in practice (including that those allergy meds do what they're supposed to).

*laughs* Thanks.

See, these new ones said NON DROWSY. Riiight. I suppose these go in the 'only before bedtime' category. But they do knock out sniffling and headacheyness.


Yipppeee! Go you! Nothing like being told they want to hire you. It's an incomparable moment of joy and shock! :-D

Get those boots and strut in 'em!

Re: Congratulations!

*giggles* Definitely shock. Lots and lots of that.

And thanks! Me and those future boots are so going to bond. *g*

hee! Congrats on the new job!

*hugs Jenn*

*hugs back* Thanks so much!

YAH!!! Congratulations on getting the job.

*hee* Thanks!

And btw, like your icon. *grins*

Congratulations, honey!

*blows streamers*

Aww, thanks! *jumps to catch streamers*


eeeeeeee! *hugs you* I'm so happy for you!!! Congratulations!!!

*hugs* Thank you!

Still shocky about the entire thing. *grins*

A regular, normal-person type job with benefits?! How very very excellent for you! Congrats!

*giggles* That's what I keep saying to myself. Normal job. Normal person-job. *grins*

Thanks so much. *hugs*