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this is how it happens
children of dune - leto 1
So I had this completely non-descript day at work. Nothing happened. Ordinary in a way that my long term memory never would have bothered storing, it was so average. Then around four o'clock, apparently, the universe got a sense of humor.

I finally got a callback from Tech Guy Rodney about some database problems I'd run into, some permission issues, etc. Nothing that was going to shake the earth. I was pulling up one of my log entries, and realized that I could only pull up one. One exactly. The one I'd done after four o'clock.

All ten thousand something other of them? Not so much there.

Frantically, I started checking other people's. Nothing. Hmm, I said, when I really meant to say, Oh Jesus Christ protect and preserve us, I think my entire career just vanished. Luckily, ,everyone else's did, too, as all entries before four o'clock today mysteriously disappeared into the ether--and suddenly reappear, all under a single person's name.

So on top of all the small, annoying problems we'd been having, tiny, insigificant as fleas--we now had one big, massive problem. Our searchable logs are now all under a single name. All one hundred something thousand.

I left work at five still boggling because--seriously how is that even *possible*?

In other news, recs.

For 14valentines:

rageprufrock wrote A Slightly Different Quality of Light, another fic that made me melt. Memory, searching, globes, and sweetness.

girlnamedpixley posted some gorgeous SGA original art, Closed Universe. Still. Melting.

Read the comm. Read why it's there. There's some fabulous stuff being posted.

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That reminds me of the time I had to e-mail DD and tell her that I might have accidently changed every story in the WRFA so they all were listed as being written by me.

Luckily there was a backup handy. ;) Never tinker with databases while sleepy.

This is precisely why backups exist and are the best thing ever.

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