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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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youtube and me
children of dune - leto 1
For some reason known only to higher beings, My Heart Will Go On is stuck in my head. Now granted, this is partially my fault for torturing svmadelyn with a running narrative of it while watching the video on youtube.

I keep--watching Anything for Love, too. It's--*helpless*--seriously, have you seen that video? It's like this really really goth Beauty and the Beast with some slight Dracula undertones and seriously what kind of person goes into a mysterious old house and jumps into the candle-surrounded bathtub? Yet I love it helplessly. I watch it and get all *awww* their love is so invisible and there's a floating couch and I'd totally forgotten that thing in the bed and it's just so pretty and glossy. And it appeals to my inner dramatist. And possibly my inner seventeen year old who first saw that video.

Oh please. Like I'm the only one that goes to watch eighties and nineties videos.

Feeling less grumpy today. Every day I do not feel homicidally inclined towarrd my coworkers, my clients, my family, and my shoes (not to mention Waffles who chewed through my purse strap) is a Good Day.

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it is SO TOTALLY YOUR FAULT that I just watched Anything For Love.

Mmmm. Delicious goth cheese.

*grin* it makes me *so happy*. especially the floating couch. While I mouth the words.

Yes, you totally are the only one rotting your brain with 80s and 90s vids.

Make sure to post the link to YouTube, please, so I can rigorously avoid the same sorry fate you court.

Very Truly Yours,
still in denial about
being old enough to earn
a paycheck in the 80s

*solemnly* I will do so the minute I get home. I do not want others to fall over them unawares.

I whine with woe, as my employer has meanly blocked the YouTube URL. It's like they expect us to work when we're signed in.

(Deleted comment)

Yes. There's a motorcycle and a brooch and a bathtub and really creepy stalkery behaivor and OH MY GOD SO AWESOME!

You want pain? Last night - after an unplanned visit to Walmart and their crappy store-wide music - I had Step by Step, by New Kids on the Block stuck in my head. All night.

Well, right up until the migraine hit. (Totally coincidental. I swear.)

God. *awed* And you are still able to functoin.

I'm so going ot get that song in my head now and cry or something.

I loved "Anything For Love"! I've got Meat Loaf's albums!

Hee! I have one of them.

My Heart Will Go On...

You make me want to write song fic using the lyrics. Which I am now hearing in stereo with ALL my personalities singing. Sheppard dies stepping on an exploding not-really-a-cow and they shoot him out of a cannon send him off from the Gateroom (because once he said "Space! Rodney, it's the Final Frontier! And besides, I like the idea of being sparkly for eternity!"), while Rodney, bravely fighting the pain, sings along with Celine Dion on Zelenka's kareoke machine.

I may have to chew through my own purse strap now.

I had horrific SGA!Titanic imagery.

Horrific. Titanic. Imagery. And I cast John as Rose and wanted to kill myself.


Yay! I'm not the only one. ^_^ I no longer feel secret guilt! By the way, they also have AhHa's Take on Me on You Tube. I tend to watch it... Waaaay more often than I should, actually. But.... Comic! Race Cars! Lyrics that make little gramatical sense! *EG* (I admit to also watching Anything for Love a few times as well. And to liking the border-line soft core porn in the bed myself. Colors! Pretty! ^_^)

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