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sgareview - vengeance, s3e19

It's not that I didn't like it, really, but I'm honestly not in my good mood place.

As horror, it totally worked--I kept flinching uncomfortably and checking the walls for chittering bugs. I really, really dislike bugs.

But I'm in a grumpy mood, so instead of what I liked--John looking disturbingly luminous (Like someone beat him with a pretty stick, seriously, is he *glowing*?), Rodney carrying a P-90 in a very sexy way, the horror movie references, and those tiny narrow corridors that seriously, awesome. Awesome.

Hated this week: Michael and Ronon.

Okay, this is just me, possibly, on my exhaustion with Michael's--whatever. His suffering angst in the loss of family and life and he can no longer go out into Pegasus and commit mass and serial murder with his hive on a daily basis, weep for his pain. I'm serious--am I supposed to care that much? I do not get Atlantean feelings of responsibility for his situation--I honestly cannot get Teyla making odd 'brilliant scientist' noises and comparing to Rodney, because again--mass murderer. I mean, I have my issues with Rodney, but last I checked, he, you know, didn't wander around the galaxy killing babies and old people and enjoying their pain for a midnight snack. Call me crazy. I just. Don't. Care. I don't care if they tie Michael up in a room somewhere and torture him for about a hundred years. And every freaking self-pity speech, for some reason, never seems to remidn anyone that if he was not there, he'd be somewhere else, still killing people, not making Iratus bug hybrids, maybe, but still killing people.

And Ronon is officially getting on my nerves in a huge way, not unlike the unofficial as far back as Common Ground with his renditions of Man On the Edge. There's only so many times he can have a dramatic temper tantrum before I want to send him to his room. It's almost a timer--you can count the seconds between Ronon Gets a Look and then his Rage of Doom, and I probably would have taken his bitching more seriously if he didn't bitch in exactly the same way about every situation. His 'just kill them all!' would have meant something here if he didn't say it about, oh, Genii, and former bad evil commanders and everyone who makes up the point of the plot and possibly the cook when she doesn't make the spagetti right. If his only function in existence is to be the Voice of Blind Rage, then seriously. I'm very, very bored with him. It also makes me wonder more and more waht on earth he did on Sateda in his unit if his first and automatic reaction to half of everythign is kill it. *shrugs* You know, I think I have less issues with Ronon in this episode as I have issues with his primary purpose is to growl and they haven't yet managed to give him anything else to do. Sateda was amazing adn character illuminating, except--his primary functoin was to walk around, kill things, and growl. Huh.

Hmm. I think part of my annoyance with both is a strong thread of 'it's other people's fault' wandering through every plot point. Michael's descent into Dr. Doom is All the Atlantean's Fault--it's not because he's a Wraith that eats people and will never stop! If they'd left him alone, he'd be building hospitals for orphans right now, and made something of his life, and he and his hive would possibly have brought universal peace and cured cancer!

Hmm. Okay, my entire problem is an untenably bad storyline--not necessarily the retrovirus, though that still kind of--confuses me. It's more that--hmm. There's this feeling that the writers are trying--in a really clumsy way--to go both ways. The Wraith are Unimaginably Evil! And Eat People! And Destroy Worlds! They are Shiva! And Must Be Stopped! And then there's a line of, they must now be humanized! So we, the viewers, can understand their side of the story. The story of eating people. Their representative is the whiniest Wraith in the history of civilization, Michael. Who, like Ladon of the Genii, is also a closet genius and high level geneticist--because you know, everyone in the Pegasus galaxy is finely trained in the hard sciences and can learn how to do genetics in their spare time. But that's a rant for another day, but I'm just saying--there is a seriously high proportion of geneticists wandering around Pegasus. Of course, granted, Michael also could also easily have gotten access to Carson's research--I mean, this is Pegasus, everything gets out eventually.

So on one side, we have Teyla, the Voice of Poor Wraith Pain, and the other Ronon, the Voice of Kill Everything That Makes Me Grumpy.

...I should go back to my happy alien flashbacks place, shouldn't I?
Tags: episode review: stargate:atlantis
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