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Okay, to cite correctly.

Followed a link from muj's lj to rachelmanija entry on bitter memories of X-Files and the Fans That Wanted To Watch It Die, God, Die Already, leading to....


Oh my God I forgot how much this rocked.

But then, Mine followers brought the red-haired one called "Scully". She appeared to Me as manna in the desert, she was a Slug of Sharon in My eye stalks. And I beheld her and yearned to drill her spine and make us One together. And Scully desired it too, for she willingly gave her weapon over to The Current Host and surrendered in that moment her earthy life, turning her thoughts to higher things. And My followers caught her and held her and, ignoring her shrieks of worldly pain, I began the Holy pilgrimage to her brain. I called to her as I chewed my way into her back and told her, "O My dove, that art in the secret places of the vertebrae, let Me munch thy brainstem, let Me find gray matter; for sweet is thy gray matter, and thy spine is comely."

The slug reviews make the episodes sound so good.

SGA related, as we do not yet have a Jebuslug--though God, I want one, I want one so much--liviapenn John Sheppard's unbridled libido and how it destroyed Tokyo.

In summation:

God. Jebuslug. God.
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