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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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interview day, also hi new friends!
children of dune - leto 1
Okay, sudden influx of friends. Whoever told you this was a cool journal to read? 'Bout to prove them totally wrong. I'm going to describe The Interview.

Then later, I'll be amusing. So you'll have to wait.

Now, I'd like to start with how birds singing over my bed awakened me and led me to my dresser while sunlight poured cheerfully on the floor with some really girl-power alt-rock soundtrack played in the background, but that didn't happen. And not for want of trying, I might add.

We're going to skip ALL the morning part, because a lot of it was spent with me coming up with bizarre reasons why I couldn't go. Luckily, I ignore myself a lot.

See, it's been a LONG time since I've had an interview-interview. You know, where it was important. So I retreated to my closet to find my pre-arranged outfit. Brown shift, little brown jacket over, brown shoes. Oh yeah, I was making a name for myself in the color spectrum--go earthtones! But it's pretty. Also wrinkly, but apparently, it's actually supposed to be, as this is what makes it charming. I'm all for wrinkly charming. Saves ironing, no? I plan to invest in a wardrobe of pre-wrinkled items, because serious time saver here.

Armed with The Six Earrings of Ultimate Courage and my watch, I went in seven minutes early, as to prove my worthiness for this job. Or because I got there early because I was nervous. Take it either way.

Now here's the thing. I have two modes when desperately nervous. Disappear into the background (ninety percent of the time), or ultra garrulous (be afraid). Seriously. It's frightening. And I never know which part's going to win until I open my mouth.

And I can't stop talking.

She asked questons, I talked at length on every one of them. Somehow, the cheese arches got mentioned (HOW the hell did that happen?) and the apple pie guy who yelled at me during my stint in the fast food industry and I mean, it's like I forgot how to brain filters work. I don't think I scared her. At least, no restraining order yet.

Suffice to say, the interview went by blindingly. We went over pay scales and benefits (BENEFITS!) and work hours and what I'd be dealing with and salary and six months probation at the job and dental appointments we've both had. Yes, we discussed root canals. Leave me alone. She said she'd call me tomorrow or to call her. I have no idea what this means.

I have no clue. I'm too jittery to be sure of my own name. And someone at McDonalds said "hi jenn" because he said he knew me and I had no idea who he was even AFTER he introduced himself. I got a Big Mac and fries to soothe my nerves. But I didn't remember him. What. The hell. How can I forget someone completely? Nothing rang a bell. Nothing. And I live in a small town. Not like there's a huge number of people wandering about I can forget.

God, I'm so ashamed. Amused. I forgot the word.

thete1, damn her, showed me shoes that I HAVE TO HAVE NOW NOW NOW so there's officially a higher level of interest for this job.


And okay, hello to all new people on my friendslist! You've friended me, I'm staring at my info page trying to pick out who everyone is and look at the journals in question. *waves* I'm jenn and I like shoes today. Feel free to drop a note and say hi.


Editing on Somewhere is halfway done in first round. I did most of it last night in a fit of nervousness. devinmoonshine and I are discussing Dark Things in Arkham, where the DC crazies are stored. girlinthetrilby mulling more Distant fic, and there's some in her LJ right now! Read it!

And MHC is my hero. Just so you know.


I'm going to go destress before going grocery shopping. Breathe breathe breathe. And make some tea. And get some key limes. I think I'll make pie and remember my entire existence on this planet does not hinge on the fact that I could not make myself shut up. This skill could come in useful if some Evil Person needs to be talked to death. Keep it positive.

*hugs you*

I'm sure you wowed her. Absolutely positive.

*hugs some more*

*breathing* Thanks, chica. She didn't look like she was wondering what planet I was from, so good there. I'm making pie. Don't laugh! I'm serious. I'm making calming pie, because bread and I don't get along when I can't concentrate and don't even ASK about how I do with cookies. It's scary.

See? So very sane. Really. *g*


I have actually been reading your lj for so long now I can't really remember when I started. I also love everyone of your Clark/Lex Smallville stories.

Since MOSS invited me to join lj I had to of course add you to my 'people to watch' list.
A newbie to lj but not to Smallville fandom.

So here's me waving back.

Thanks so much and welcome to LJ!

I'm seriously loving the influx of new LJ users, though the addictive properties are getting to me. Sheesh. friendsfriends list. *g* Just dangerous.

*waves* Glad you answered!

Congratulations on surviving your interview!

Me and my pie are very copasetic now. *grins* Thanks!

Not at ALL freaking out. Not me. Nope.

Yay job! I too am wearing pre-wrinkled earthomes in cotten and hemp today, because it's almost 70° in Chicago and dammit, I'm nto wearing any tights or nylons neither! too!

Of course, I am also still wearing my black nail polish from Saturday, the better to scare people with.

I too am weirded by the massive friending that's been going on. I'm gonna make 'em all tell me who they are. That should be entertaining...

Thanks. And mmm. Hemp. Sounds comfy.

*grins* Do a huge LJ gathering of the newbies and poll them? Who are you??? Where are you from??? *giggles* Very cool. Okay, bad for my time-management, but otherwise? Very cool.


Hey there,

Still crossing everything for you, but sounds like you dont need it. This is not A Jinx, but (whispers quietly so as not to awaken the sleeping gods of the jinx) if she was talking about such detail-y things with you, like pay and benefits and root canals, you are probably in.

Plus, Jenn talking? A good thing. you witty lady.

I'm hoping. All I can think is, maybe she just wanted to let me down easy, as the garrulous girl coudl be DANGEROUS, must get her out of office and not upset her!

Yes, I am that paranoid. *grins*

I hope hope hope.

Hi, well to shed some light on the friends thing...

I have read your Smallville fic on Smallville Slash and seen it reced on TWoP. I love your writing and saw some of your LJ stories discussed on some other journals. I was missing a lot of it and friended you so I could read it sooner. Plus, you have great recs too. I'm always hesitant to friend people because I don't want them to feel the need to reciprocate since my journal's about 1/8th Smallville and the rest complaining.

I'm here for similar reasons; love your writing, want to see it as soon as possible... Don't worry about friending me back unless you poke around in my journal and really particularly feel like it.

Bet you anything you got the job! From an outside perspective, it sounds like your interview went swimmingly.


Thanks. *hugs* I keep running over EVERY second in my head in a weird, weird weirdness, thinking, did I do THAT wrong? Heh.

Going back to drown my sorrows in pie. *g*

I know just how you feel about the nervous-talking thing. That's my only mode when I go to interviews. Luckily, most employers take it as a sign you're outgoing. Therefore, you should get the job with more money than you asked for. Right?

That is SUCH a cheering thought. *thinks*

I swear, I was almost interrupting her, it was getting so scary. And fiddling with my watch to the point I almost dropped it. *g*

Outgoing. Energetic. Desperate? I was good on those.

*hugs* Thanks for the encouragement.

I'll have my fingers crossed for you about the job interview. If anything, you'll definitely be memorable, and that's better than just being 'one of the applicants'.

As for your nervousness leading you to be either fade-into-the-background-quiet or extremely talkative, I understand just what you mean. My older sister is the exact same way, and you can never tell which way she's going to be. I like her when she's talkative, because she tends to be quite funny when she's nervous (and this is in a laugh-with-you-not-at-you sort of way). Maybe you're the same.

Anyway, I guess I'd be one of those new friends. I added you a couple of weeks ago, and I've really enjoyed your journal and your fic so far. And I don't think you tend to be boring; the stuff I've read is, on the contrary, quite interesting. The cheese arches were certainly an eye-opener. *g*

I hope I'm funny. *thinks* Dear God, what if I wasn't funny?

*laughs* Knew I should have thrown in the "And I write porn! For fun!" bit. *G*

You should try cheese arches. Okay, right, the smell is icky, and let's face it, not the prettiest medium in creation, but darn if it isn't just something you don't see every day. *grins*

Thanks for answering and nice to meet you!

Another new friend checks in

Hi, there.

First off, good luck with the job; from your description of the interview, it sounds like you made quite a good impression on the interviewer. Having been an interviewer myself, I can say that things like benefits don't usually get discussed in great detail unless the interviewer thinks the interviewee is a good prospect.

I found your LJ because an LJ friend of mine told me I must start reading your Smallville recs. And then I stuck around for the other stuff, because I found it quite an enjoyable read.

Re: Another new friend checks in

Thank you! That is comforting to know about interviewers. Okay. So at least in the running.

*grins* Thanks for the vote of confidence on the recs! I read too much. Horrible habit.

Glad you dropped a note and it's great to meet you. LJishly speaking. *waves*

((waves)) don't mind me, I'm just stalking you!

Ha, no, just kidding! :-D But how could I resist an introducing myself like that? Livia gave me a LJ code and I seized it joyfully as a way to keep track of the authors/commentary on here. Way easier!

You got friended because you are a fantastic author and reading all your stuff is like curling up with hot chocolate on a winter's day complete WITH the smooshy whipped cream on top. Advanced Masochism leaves me gasping and giddy every time.

Also, have ya SEEN the *design* and *look* of your LJ?!

So, hi! ((waves))

Interview wise---when you talk a lot they take it as a good sign, I think. They want you to show you can interact with lots of people and come up with fast answers on the spot. I am sending you "get the damn job" vibes! :-)

Re: ((waves)) don't mind me, I'm just stalking you!

Livia rocks like a big--rocking thing? Ooh, she won't like that comparison. Hmm. Must think harder.

Welcome to LJ! I hope you enjoy it.

As for the design--I have NO talent with LJ design code--I looked at it and then looked at it and then wondered what crack the coders were on, then gave up. isilya did mine, the darling, so it's all pretty and makes me happy. *g* Though one day--one day, I shall conquer it. Just, you know, probably not today.

Thanks for the encouragement on the job. I'm eating pie very calmly. While typing, even. *G*

And thanks for answering! *hugs*

Hello there, I'm one of those new names on your friends list.

I like shoes, too.

Plus I adore your writing. "Somewhere I have Never Travelled" was one of the first SV fics I ever read and I basically gave myself over to the Clex and your website. "Three Impossible Things" cemented the slavery. Guh and Yay. Thank you.

I think that your interview must have gone well since the interviewer took the time to go over things like pay rates and benefits :)

*waves* Welcome to LJ!

Just posted Seeking recently to the SSA, right? *hugs* Very good story. Just loved the indirectness until the end.

Shoes rock. Te's evil for showing me this site with like, shoes I want all over the place. Except for the ones with spikes. Not that I don't like them, but I honestly can't think of anywhere to wear them.

*hugs* Nice to meet you! And thanks for the job good wishes!

Hi! I'm Gail, I write JAG slash, all kinds of pairings, and I kept seeing your LJ mentioned by celli, went to read it, and liked what I read.

Hee! Celli and Liv are like the superpimps right now of LJdom or something. Should make them special icons for that.

Thanks so much for answering!

This skill could come in useful if some Evil Person needs to be talked to death.


Best wishes on getting the job, but I'm sure she is going to hire you if cheese arches somehow made it into the conversation. ;)

*giggles* I'm just hoping I didn't say something really stupid. Or disturbing.


*shakes head* Thanks!

Well, I haven't really gone around friending people yet, all I do is read your friends list. Seriously, this really works for me. I feel like I'm on top of all things Clex in LJ land :).

But when I do get around to actually friending people you can be sure I will definitely have you on the list. So right now I'm just giving you a heads-up on who I actually am :). There are about three...well, okay five journals I check obsessively, yours is one of them.

And I agree with the general assessment that your interview sounds like it went really, really well. I'm getting a good vibe for you here.

(*sends out positive energy so Jenn gets her job and shoes*)

Thanks very much! And very nice to meet you.

*loves friendslist* They are the reason I am obsessed--um, sane. Constant entertainment! Fun!