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on thinking with hot chocolate
another frog
So I finally caved and got a del.icio.us link thinger--well, worse, two, since one is for recs and the other for other stuff. I ended up doing a first for me and locking them all, because I've learned my idea of a story summary and tags kind of disturbs me. I mean, true, everyone has separate tags for john-genderswitch and rodney-genderswitch and then you realize you need rodney-girl-genderswitch and john-girl-genderswitch, and then trying to summarize comes down to 'the one that no one is castrated in' and 'the one where everyone only dies once' and while it jogs my memory, I flinch a little and wonder if everyone has this problem. 'the one that's a sequel to that one with the tentacles'. 'the one where one of them is sane and everyone is crazy'.

However, I was thrilled to discover amtdi - aliens made them do it. Let's move that into common acronym usage now? What we really need now is a nice, serious one for the varieties of aphrodisiacs and sex pollen. I've been thinking, and right now, I use sex pollen pretty much for all varieties of drugged but happy sexual contact, but honestly, need a better acronym here. And a good one for people-changing into animals and people changing into stuffed animals, which I think I use transformation for, but honestly, then there's Livia's that fic where Rodney turns into half a replicator and you know, I'd like to keep them all categorized better.

So let's get on that. If we can as a group agree to reduce our fandoms to two and three letter acronyms et al, we can reduce our most fun common tropes into single word and/or acronym descriptions. Like--bob. Where bob always means characters at some point eat apples. Something like that.

ETA: Who wrote and where is the fic where John falls through a wormhole into the future and Rodney is half a replicator?

I just signed up for del.icio.us in the past few weeks, although there's very little in the way of recs on mine, because of the way I read stories offline. I can't judge them until I've read them, and then I can go back to the Newsletter or Noticeboard to find them, most of the time. My links tend to be science news or geopolitical stuff.

Sex pollen is one of the best things ever.

It really is. I just want a better word for it. Aphrodisiac is just--not quite right. Sex pollen--and seriously, I am so writing a story where there actually *is* sex pollen, though if memory serves Eliade did that a while back--is not quite teh word I want to use.

LOL.i love your proposal and second it!!!! (i mean i was just in yet another discussion where i mentioned wngwjleo and someone asked what it meant and a third person patiently deciphered, explaining that this question came up frequently in my wake :)

amtdi is a great one!!! amt for short!!!

as for the delicious. my bookmarks are completely locked as well, mostly b/c perfectionist that i am, i'd like them to be organized and crossreferences and pretty.,..and in lieu of that, i'd rather not have them visible at all (this is coming from the woman who had this fairytale wedding planned and when external circumstances made it impossible, we just went to the court house over lunch break!)

God yes. Mine are superorganized tags. Fandom, author-name, place found, pairing(s) then occurrance tags, then episode (as necessary). I had no idea I was this anal.

Heh. My favorite semi-common but still somewhat cryptic trope acronym is "mpdjk" for "my partner is dead just kidding"...

Heh-- I know the fic you're thinking of-- replicator!Rodney-- can't remember the title, though. But that wasn't me. *G*

Hmm. Not you, and you'd probably know if it was Sarah T...

*frowns* I read it on lj, but honestly, that does not narrow it down much.

Wasn't replicator!rodney by Brighid?

*blank* I--maybe. Oooh. Need to search her lj. If it's on flashfic, I'll be looking a few years.


I actually ended up breaking the genderswitch into several tags, and using them in conjunction, just because I bookmark in too many fandoms and am anal about being able to pull up ALL the genderswitch stories when I want. And since you can do things like pull up all the bookmarks that have several tags, it's working out pretty well so far.

Ooh, multitag search function! I did not know this.

Since you have amtdi, you could use xmtdi (X made them do it) with a corollary like xmtdi-sp (X made them do it - sex pollen) or something.

*grins* Oh man, I like that xmtdi.

You know? I was never able to suspend my disbelief with BtVS'verse genderswitches somehow. They seemed....gratuitous? Unlikely? Easy way to get Spike in lipstick and makeup?

It may have been that Jossverse genderswitches I've read were Spike/Xander, and they seemed to have non-stop sex. At least John and Rodney hide in their rooms a bit, borrow clothing, and in at least one story, Rodney goes back to work and yells at people for staring at his rack, and won't let John see him with his hair down without great persuasion.

Ooh, and there was one good one where Rodney and Cadman got switched into the wrong bodies and couldn't get switched back.

See in Atlantis, it could totally happen. Those pesky Ancients and their unfathomable ways.

Also, why does one have a delicious account? I've seen a few referenced here and there and am puzzled/intrigued.

del.icio.us is basically tag based bookmarks. I never used it since I have my lj I keep recs in, but the last time I updated my recs, I missed a *lot* of stories. Plus, there are some fics I keep for reference or just rereading, and if it's on lj, it's a pain to save to the hard drive.

Try it. I was seriously not all-for, but God, the tagging alone makes it fun.

You realized... or perhaps you don't... that 'bob' stands for 'Bend Over Boyfriend' - meaning the anal penetration of a male character by a female with a strap on dildo.

...and it occurs to me that I have written this fic...


Damn Madelyn and her challenges.


TBAT - Transformed By Ancient Technology (or)
ATWAT (which is kinda fun to say) - Accidental Transformation With Alien Tech

Then you could just tag the end of it with "-dinosaur," "-bearcub," "-dolphin," etc.

AMTDI is in pretty common usage as an acronym in SG-1, so of course it would be useful in SG:A!

I call the extreme sex pollen stories Has To Do It Or Die, but of course that doesn't work for run-of-the-mill inebriation. I just call them Drugged -- boring, I know. (And they're often a subset of AMTDI anyway.)

Transformation is already popular for the animals/plushies trope. How about Transmorgification for partial or full change to Replicator, Wraith, cyborg, or other bipedal, almost-human?

For pollen stories: SWUI - Sex While Under the Influence - heh.

I like it.

Just a fragment, but Happy Belated Birthday

He stands in right field on a spring day which threatens serious cold when the sun sets. He would like to focus on the game, but he notes the aura – déjà vu and a feeling of panic, the sharp taste of metal. The infield looks cloudy, and the chatter from the stands distorts as he tries to hear, “Batter, batter, batter, swing!” He can’t distinguish the words from the haze, shaping them from memory. Trying to force them to cohere.

He hates to disappoint Coach with what he’ll perceive as a blackout. Just the opposite – the visions too crisp to resemble sleep. The glove drags on his hand, and the long sleeved t under his jersey doesn’t do enough to warm him. He snaps his gum. He counts spectators in an attempt to reach the end of the inning. He will control the symptoms. Somehow he knows he can – that he’ll figure out the way eventually. He won’t stop the vision from manifesting, but if he can just get to the dugout he won’t have to call so much attention to himself. He watches his grandfather shake his head in the stands. He can almost hear the tsk.

He waits.

...so, you've found the pon farr tag, right?