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The Toybox

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(no subject)
children of dune - leto 1
Per usual.


The Perseids by CJ. Okay, so once in awhile, you click at random and the author completely surprises you on what you get. And when I say completely, i mean, completely. Absolutely beautiful, low-key, and perfect. Perseus. I hadn't thought of that. Read NOW. And CJ is on my to-stalk list.

Chocolatl by CJ. See? To-stalk. Well written bit of sheer fun. I'm loving her Lex here.

Flirt by thete1 Yay! Clark and Lex! And--good stuff. Oh hell yes. GOOD. For all your porny needs. Mmmm.

Seeking by spyhop. I love how this built, and the ending was just great. A good read.


So. Working on editing and amusing myself with music. Interview tomorrow. I'm pretending it's not happening.

Look! Coffee!

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Good luck tomorrow! *crosses fingers*

I am sure the interview will go well. Fingers and toes are crossed even though Idon't think you will need it!

And hey - you can stalk me any time! LOL

Thanks for the lovely recs!


well, I was just stopping by here to thank Jenn for the recs, since I read all four of them this morning and enjoyed them very much, and since I'm way too lazy to go out to search for your LJ on my own, I'll just let you know here that I enjoyed Perseids and Chocolat.

Thanks for recs Jenn.

LOL - glad you enjoyed them!

And thanks for dropping in the feedback - I am not picky about how the feedback comes to me - I just love to get it .

and I agree that the other two stories were very enjoyable.\


Just wanted to wish you good luck tomorrow, jenn - you're going to do great, so go in there and knock 'em dead!

Or... well, you know, not *dead* dead, but impress them... *ahem* anyway, good luck *g*

Thank you very much for the recs. They're excellent. I was especially thrilled with the CJ recs since I'm not familiar with the author.

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