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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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and this is some kind of punishment for something i did in my childhood to my mother
children of dune - leto 1
Child seems to have ear infection. One of the few perks of parenthood is the sheer joy I can get out of the simple things in between fetching and carrying, and Child walking at a genuine list to port while complaining about his balance. There is a better than good chance at some point today I will be trying to poison myself with various household chemicals as cabin fever sets in, a cabin fever aggravated by an almost-ten, really loveable, extremely well-meaning, but completely nuts child who has been watching episodes of Digimon, seasons one, two, and three off the net for three days.

I'm not even sure where he's getting then from. Okay, scratch that, I know exactly where he's getting them. I can't even lie about that.

I'm seriously, seriously going to snap and possibly rename myself Bob. Bob Bob Bob. Bob.

*rubs forehead* Please send help.

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Watch season three with. We were consolidating our Digimon Tamers = s.3 episodes, and I was thinking, hm, I would love to inflict this on people -- like Jenn!

It's seriously awesome. Also, prepare for much angst.

I don't know, to me, seasons one and two were the best ones. At least be glad that Child has good taste ;)

It can get tedious in 50-episode chunks, though. Jenn might be less crazy when the girls start destroying things, which is pretty much the first episode. Also the Plot, and geeks saving the world, and actual quantum physics.

Then she can graduate to rolling in the snow and Ken's pretty, pretty tears. :D

Very true. Destruction followed by pretty emo boy. :)

...and then she can finish my crossover where the team is dropped into the digital world and Terriermon insults Rodney.

Oh my god... Yamaki. Yamaki *alone*.

If you want a break from digimon, my son watches The Prince of Tennis and Mar and some pokemon sometimes at toonamijetstream.com. If he hasn't been watching it yet, there's a lot of stuff there, though they do delete older episodes as weeks pass.

........Jenn, you do know we don't actually watch the digivolutions after each first showing? Because that's several hundred per series. :O

Oh lord, Digimon. My sister and I went through a massive phase which involved much watching of the repeats of (I think) season one. With the original kids in it...I can't remember if they were in more than one season (It's friday, and I'm fast approaching brain-dead).

I have the feeling I'm going to have to go and search some Digimon out when I get home noe :S

I have been trapped at home for nearly a WEEK with my littler one, watching ENDLESS EPISODES of whatever crap is on the Disney cartoon channel. *stabs self in eye* Today I was all excited because I got to go to work! All day! Without a child attached to me!

I called two girlfriends and made them promise to take me to brunch on Sunday without a single child anywhere in evidence.

Um, all that's just my way of saying, Skip the household chemicals and go straight for the kahlua.

I cannot send help. I can however offer TONS of understanding. *G*

I've got mine mainlining Fraggle Rock right now, but once it's gone he's going to back on the Yu Gi Oh kick.


*hugs* (and I hope he feels better soon, that sucks.)

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