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rec - the jenny code by miss porcupine

This is actually a re-rec, but it never hurt anyone to hear about an amazing story twice, and because she posted another story in that universe.

For your refernece.

The Jenny Code
Poppies in November - Sheppard pov, post The Jenny Code
In Abeyance -Rodney pov of the events of The Jenny Code

miss_porcupine fills a gap that no other SGA writer does, in a strong and clear focus on the military side of Atlantis. She brings them to life in a way that makes it accessible to the non-military of us (which is, face it, way too many of us, with preconceived and often horrifically stereotyped notions of what being in the military is and what soldiers are like), and writes, to me, the best, most well-rounded Lorne in the fandom. This one is--it's relatively straight forward; a hostage situation, a mission, getting everyone back. But the people that make those decisions, how they're made, the interpersonal dynamics and differing, conflicting loyalties, the complexities of a war that's mostly undeclared and with vague edges that don't quite meet--it's amazing. It's simply, utterly amazing in simple, clean pros that unfolds an amazingly complex story beneath it all of life in the Pegasus Galaxy, a war that isn't quite declared, and balancing what's right and what's necessary.

I cannot recommend this highly enough. Heavy plot, heavy action, a lot of wonderfully realized characters. This is among the best of what our fandom has to offer in fiction.

Special rec for In Abeyance - miss_porcupine has said before she's not quite comfortable writing Rodney. It can't be proven by this story. A very non-military man viewing a very military operation, with the near-visible changes that Pegasus has wrought on how he thinks and reacts. It's--it's *good*. He's used to being with Sheppard, going on these missions, and his barely restrained desire to go when he knows that in this operation he can only be a liability, the need for this very civilian man to be part of it--it's wonderful. Tightly restrained Rodney, angry and terrified and watching helplessly because he knows there's nothing he can do here--I just don't have words. It has to read.

And added bonus - pentapus with a drawing of injured John from The Jenny Code.

Yeah, you should be reading this. I can't possibly do it justice in a single rec
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