Seperis (seperis) wrote,

you know, a UFO attack would not be the worst thing I can imagine today

This is how you know you have hit the very dregs of your existence in your cubicle life.

Your current reading? This.

Somewhere, there are scared tech guys who monitor internet usage who are flagging me as we speak. In my own defense, I ended up here following along with the Vancouver trial of Pickton, and despite the fact I'm pretty sure I'm doomed to about a week of nightmares, cannot get away.

*facepalm* I need to go be surrounded by puppies now or something.

I think my next item of business shall be to dredge up my still-boxed Star Wars action figures and set up a combat scene on the shelf in my office. Honestly, it's not like it'll be the oddest cubicle in the area.
Tags: jenn's life, the eternal darkness of sloths, work
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