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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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you know, a UFO attack would not be the worst thing I can imagine today
This is how you know you have hit the very dregs of your existence in your cubicle life.

Your current reading? This.

Somewhere, there are scared tech guys who monitor internet usage who are flagging me as we speak. In my own defense, I ended up here following along with the Vancouver trial of Pickton, and despite the fact I'm pretty sure I'm doomed to about a week of nightmares, cannot get away.

*facepalm* I need to go be surrounded by puppies now or something.

I think my next item of business shall be to dredge up my still-boxed Star Wars action figures and set up a combat scene on the shelf in my office. Honestly, it's not like it'll be the oddest cubicle in the area.

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LOL I wrote a couple of features for the CSI magazine and spent a good month reading through that site. It was the research I had to do for the serial-killing couples that really did me in! I couldn't sleep without the lights on for WEEKS! And I vowed to never answer the door again. Like, ever.

God. I just--no *words*. And it's so unbelievably freaky, it just--

Yeah. Lights, locked doors, never eating meat again....

Yeah, I end up watching a lot of 48 Hours and Cold Case, and it's fascinating and great for inducing paranoia and nightmares.

For non-serial-killing distractions, I'm talking mahoni into writing an angry feral elf story here.

I love Cold Case. I just--God, love it. 48 Hours I always hit at the fifteen minute mark.

Also, reading the thread and laughing my ass off. Elf John is just--I have no words to express this with, but the sheer joy of it is overwhelming.


One of my friends forwarded this to a mailing list we're both on recently.


Sometimes people are *stupid*.


Thanks! PUPPIES!


I hope it/they did the trick.

Oh. My. God. I need to soap the inside of my brain. Why did I feel compelled to keep reading? That site is CREEPY. Worse, it's CAPS LOCK CREEPY.

My house suddenly seems dark and oppressive. Is that a floorboard creaking downstairs? And what *is* the mystery meat at the back of our freezer? How well do I actually know my housemates?


Seriously. What the hell is with serial killers and the--yeah. It's like, you'll never quite look at a pork roast the same way again.

Ugh, I don't think I'll ever be able to sleep with the lights off again. Scratch that, lights on and guard dogs around. I'm telling you, when (IF) I get into that Criminology postgrad this year, I'm only going to study the nice, fluffy criminals. Like, male hookers or something.

I'm only going to study the nice, fluffy criminals. Like, male hookers or something.

I just spit out orange juice.

*still giggling randomly*

Seriously, I'll take anything...drug dealers, terrorists, really angry postal workers, whatever. Dudes who get their kicks out of playing with other people's eyeballs while singing the alphabet song backwards on the other hand, I'd just as soon not know about.

omg, I have spent HOURS AND HOURS on that site. It's like, you KNOW you should stop, you KNOW that you will have nightmares and also that spending your free time reading about serial killers is a little, um, disturbing. And yet you keep clicking.


GOD. I am so sick of the Pickton case already. Seriously, living here, it is 24/7. It is ruining my great great love for CSI and Without a Trace and any tv show set in East Van because people are always 'OMG PICKTON! MAY HAVE BEEN THERE.' There are 5 newspapers in front of me with the same picture on the front page. FIVE.

Also, I sincerely hope that I don't get murdered and them try to piece my life together by my work internet history. First it was just news, because everything else was innapropriate. Then celebrity news, then tv recaps and now I'm in lj making posts and reading gay superhero fic. If I die, please come to Vancouver and trash my harddrive, please.

I...love that site. It is a twisted love I try not to talk about in front of the children

I started reading about this case the other day, but when I read he was a pig farmer, I stopped. I can guess the rest, but ...I really don't want to know.

Hee! I've dipped into Crimelibrary a few times. It's... disturbifying.

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