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children of dune - leto 1
I am *so* unmotivated.

I mean, not the oh god I hate my job-ish type of unmotivated, inspired by a need to underachieve to a startling degree and slink by on the bare minimum. Oh no. I am unmotivated where I am envying the life of a sloth--a sloth who hangs in trees and actually, God help me, grows mold on its hair from its sheer frenzy of not moving.

I am sitting here, in my not terribly uncomfortable chair, staring at my monitor, wistfully envying the life of a sloth

If I were right now to write down my favorite thing to do, it would be staring into space with a blank expression, thinking of nothing at all.

Also, there was about a ten minute pause between the line above and this one? That was me. Staring blankly into space.

Dear God. I'm becoming a sloth. A giant three toed tree sloth growing mold.

This is brought to you by Monday, the only day of the week I wear make-up to work. Mostly because it being Monday, I always figure the day needs something to get me through it.

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Well, you get no sympathy from me. Sloth is my default state. :)

*giggles* I need an icon for it too! I like yours!

Yeah, your current one really doesn't convey "sloth" at all. Rather the opposite, I mean, he looks so intense and focused...

I have, max, about two hours of work to fill a 8 hour day. Sometimes I stare at the screen and type just to make the clacking sound so other people will think I am working.

We have weird and strange lives.

I hear alcohol-based substances are excellent at preventing mold growth.

I meant perfume, of course. Preferably something outrageously expensive.

I can see this, vodka in my coffee while I regale clients with my various life experiences.

Hey, it could totally make my day more fun.

Nope, Irish cream. That way you get real cream instead of that crap that tends to be packaged as creamer, plus booze!

I feel the same way! Ok, I actually feel both ways, the underachiever way, and the sloth way.

I'm going to buy a few powerball tickets tomorrow. If I win I can become a professional sloth.

If you win, marry me? We coudl totally create a *new standard* of slothdom.

We could be prophets. We'll usher in a new age of slothdom.

I didn't win. *huge emo sigh* I guess the engagement's off, then?

Oh my god, yes. I wrote two drabbles today, and otherwise surfed around the internet, cursing the LJ block yet again. And then I got home and collapsed at my strenuous day.

*dies laughing*

I didn't even do drabbles! I tried to write Lorne/Mensa!John sex and just could not get--er, inspired.


I'd eke out ten words and go read another news article. It was horrid. I'm trying to finish the O.C. juviefic I've been working on since summer of *2004* before the last episode airs, and I could not concentrate on it at all.

But Lorne! Mensa!John! Pretty and wanted!

(Deleted comment)
*blank look* Sloths. Slothes. Sloth.

I don't know. Huh. I should look that up.

Also. May I steal that picture to make an icon, please?

Visiting your LJ again because I like it so much!

I'm rather fond of sloth-like zone-outs - I've become an expert at staring blankly out of windows. Unfortunately they are uncontrollable sometimes, yesterday I did it just as I was phoning someone and left the most embarrassing message on an answering machine ever. Why didn't I just hang up?

Can I complain about my new 40 hour work week now? Where I don't get to sit down more than 10 minutes and get paid less than $10 an hour and have to keep inventory in my brain because the computer system is fed bad data? Oh yeah, and the store closes in another two months.


Did you know that sloths spend their entire lives in the trees, only coming down about once a week to pee, which is good because sloth pee from above doesn't seem like a good thing to me.

(It's possible I've been watching too much Discovery Channel.)

You are very lucky that you HAVE a job.

Lucky in that there are some that need them? Yes. Lucky tht I worked to get the skill level necessary to get through one screen and a written interview. No. That wasn't luck. That's been pretty good at what I do.

Hmm. That's three times now. So--taking into account you go back a year in svmadelyn's lj to make disparaging remarks about me twice, then wander across this fairly boring entry to do a bit more, and you don't have me friended so you wouldn't just see this entry at random on your flist, I'm thinking this is weirdly personal. Since I can't ever remember actually interacting with you, and considering the two earlier remarks, it's probably fannish.

Stop now.

Algae. They grow algae in their fur, not mold. *Green* algae. Plants, in fact.

...that isn't better. Seriously? Algae?

I'm a sloth growing algae. Dearest God.

*sniffs* I think it makes them more *special*. Like coral, which also grow algae. Only sloths are a bit faster.

They also sometimes have moths in their fur, eating the algae. A whole ecosystem! Maybe you could get a little lizard in there, to eat the moths! Child would like that. *nod nod*

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