Seperis (seperis) wrote,

I am *so* unmotivated.

I mean, not the oh god I hate my job-ish type of unmotivated, inspired by a need to underachieve to a startling degree and slink by on the bare minimum. Oh no. I am unmotivated where I am envying the life of a sloth--a sloth who hangs in trees and actually, God help me, grows mold on its hair from its sheer frenzy of not moving.

I am sitting here, in my not terribly uncomfortable chair, staring at my monitor, wistfully envying the life of a sloth

If I were right now to write down my favorite thing to do, it would be staring into space with a blank expression, thinking of nothing at all.

Also, there was about a ten minute pause between the line above and this one? That was me. Staring blankly into space.

Dear God. I'm becoming a sloth. A giant three toed tree sloth growing mold.

This is brought to you by Monday, the only day of the week I wear make-up to work. Mostly because it being Monday, I always figure the day needs something to get me through it.
Tags: jenn's life, the eternal darkness of sloths, work
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