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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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turn on: the meme, or, how I spent my saturday night
Talk about TMI....

Snitched from thete1. Yes, Te, I am a lemming.

Ten Things That Turn Me On:

1.) tattoos. arm especially, or back.
2.) leather.
3.) dancing alone in public. it's kind of weird.
4.) boys in eyeliner. This is REALLY new and strangely addictive.
5.) jeans, no shirt. sweat encouraged.
6.) loaded guns, preferably being held, but holstered will do.
7.) Knives are good, too.
8.) being watched.
9.) stubble for no reason I can figure out yet.
10.) being controlled.


chocolate, boots, kinky fic, and very light citrus cologne

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Slightly disturbing, darlin', about the guns and knives, but boys in eyeliner-oh yes.

See, now we need a fic with all that in it. :)

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