Seperis (seperis) wrote,

snow: the aftermath

Of equal creepiness is ice falling from trees when one goes innocently outside to get into the car. There are piles of ice here, people. And like, sliding off of cars as they zoom zoom zoom down the interstate, or the neighborhood, whatever.

OTOH, it is amazingly awesome to see icicles hanging off roofs and mailboxes and garden trolls and the like. It's like Christmas is on TV! Just wetter and more dangerous, since like I said ice falling from trees, hazardous and let me just say, freaky as shit.

At work. Being productive. Okay, that's funny, mostly I'm listening to people bitch and giving them advice they already knew. Is this how an advice columnist feels? You look upon your readers--or in my case, callers--and just lose respect for the entire human race, because honestly, some of this stuff is kind of intuitive. Perhaps even what one might say fairly obvious.

It's fairly surreal, in all honestly, as half of us still couldn't come in until ten since AISD didn't open until ten. Which is fine, more lounging time. Somehow, lounging time becomes premium when one is on a schedule.

Yes, I'm bored, but in a way that brings me money and occasionally really awful jokes that really only make sense to other employees.
Tags: jenn's life, snow, work
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