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snow: the aftermath
children of dune - leto 1
Of equal creepiness is ice falling from trees when one goes innocently outside to get into the car. There are piles of ice here, people. And like, sliding off of cars as they zoom zoom zoom down the interstate, or the neighborhood, whatever.

OTOH, it is amazingly awesome to see icicles hanging off roofs and mailboxes and garden trolls and the like. It's like Christmas is on TV! Just wetter and more dangerous, since like I said ice falling from trees, hazardous and let me just say, freaky as shit.

At work. Being productive. Okay, that's funny, mostly I'm listening to people bitch and giving them advice they already knew. Is this how an advice columnist feels? You look upon your readers--or in my case, callers--and just lose respect for the entire human race, because honestly, some of this stuff is kind of intuitive. Perhaps even what one might say fairly obvious.

It's fairly surreal, in all honestly, as half of us still couldn't come in until ten since AISD didn't open until ten. Which is fine, more lounging time. Somehow, lounging time becomes premium when one is on a schedule.

Yes, I'm bored, but in a way that brings me money and occasionally really awful jokes that really only make sense to other employees.

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Well, as someone who deals with snow and ice on an annual basis, may I offer some unsolicited advice?

If there's still ice when you get home, it would probably be a good idea to take a broom and knock the ice off any place people walk underneath, like the roof or tree branches. Also, if there's any sludge on the underside of your car, you might also want to kick it off and get your car washed in the next couple of days, because the salt they put on the roads can cause your car to rust. (I had to get the coils replaced on my car this year, because I wasn't very good about this, and they rusted through completely).

Acutally, it's great advice, thank you! I probably wouldn't have thought about it--it's just too--weird. It's seriously still freaking us out to see ice falling everywhere.

God, rust.

You're welcome. And right now I'm laughing, because it just started to snow again here.

It's seriously still freaking us out to see ice falling everywhere.

That would be strange to see, if you're not used to it. But then for me, not having any snow in January just feels wrong, like my world is out of balance. Oh, and I forgot to mention, that when you're knocking the ice down, make sure to be very careful and stand back, since this can also be very dangerous, too.

I was gonna say, it's SO obvious you're in "Never ever get cold precipitation country" because that's automatic safety where I come from.

But yeah, don't forget to check your headlights for crusted over stuff, it can seriously deaden the light and the bumpers for snow.

Oh, I'm with you. This ice stuff is seriously freaking me out. I was wearing strappy pumps yesterday when I was scraping off the inch of accumulated ice from my car (don't ask), and I suffered a toe injury from the pointy ice falling on it! Not cool, ice!

Also, I think it's funny that people from Dallas - like me - are all "man, I've never seen ice like this, and I'm from Dallas," like we're the ice experts or something. I thought it was just me, but apparently we all think we're ice experts.

I've never seen ice like this (and I'm from Dallas!). I concur - freaky as shit.

Hi, a totally random comment from friendsfriends, but oh, man, when you say it's just like Christmas on TV, hee, so cute.

I was raised in a "Yep, we'll get fifty inches of snow this winter, all told" part of the country, and all I can think is, "Ooh, if you have icicles hanging off your roof, that means that the house is leaking heat." ::facepalm:: Thanks, New England, for killing my sense of wonder. I'm enjoying seeing other people's senses of winter wonder, though.

Also, more advice: When you're clearing off your car, make sure you do the license plate, too. You can get pulled over for that. The cops will think your Doing Crimes with your cleverly obscured plates! *g*


Jesus effing wept. YOU'RE. YOU'RE.

I'm writing "original" fic, but I've entirely picked up your voice.

Listen to this line:

It takes her a moment, but it’s nothing like painful, nothing like intrusive, and she begins to rock.

Or this one:

His mouth feels like a hot chestnut in gloved palms, like central heat in the downtown library, like midnight mass at St. Anthony’s. He feels like time out from ice and scrounging her next meal. She wants this, but she doesn’t trust it.

Okay, so it's het, but it's pure you. Where did my voice go, Jenn? *scratches head and looks under couch* This is what I get for not writing prose since, like, last year or something. *boggles*

Worrying about yesterday's comment

Btw, I love your voice. You know I love your voice. I just don't know how I picked up yours and misplaced mine. I blame obsessing over your fic for many years now.

On another note:
I insisted to a gay rl friend yesterday that he HAD to read "Three Impossible Things." I will stay after him because I think he'd benefit from reading it at this point in his life. He keeps letting the good ones get away.

I peeled my car like an orange yesterday to get all the ice off it. Almost an inch in places, at least three-quarters all the way around. And then there was the huge giant slab flying off the guy's car next to me on the interstate this morning, which was a totally different kind of freaky.

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