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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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*blank look*
children of dune - leto 1
And continuing ice in Austin means again, work canceled.

Also, I'm officially bored out of my mind.

Going to--I dont' know. Rearrange the fridge or--God. I have no idea what to do now.

And I continue to repeat--it is *creepy* to see *ice* on the *ground*. And falling from the sky.

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Normal people would use this time to write fic. *innocent*

You could write a Sunday episode tag, but make it so that Carson didn't die of... gods, do I really have to say it? an *shudders* exploding tumor.
*feels unclean*

They closed the SCHOOLS but not my OFFICE. *peeved face* If they make me burn a sick day to cover this, I will be quite put out.

*proceeds to hide from spoilers*

Hey, at least you get to stay home. They opened the offices at 11, so I spent over an hour: 1) stringing outdoor extension cords out to my car to 2) run the blowdryer so I could 3) get my key in the lock and 4) melt some of the 3/4" of ice off my door so I could open it and start the heater running so that I could then spend forty minutes 5) chipping enormous sheets of ice off my windows so I could then go to work. Only to find that about half of our group showed up (this does not include either team lead, of course). I would have stayed home except I would have had to burn vacation hours to do so.

Though on the plus side I am out of my house and speaking to other human beings, which hadn't happened for a while...

you could write?

:::wanders off whistling innocently:::

A friend of mine works at Dell in Austin. He came in to work at 11am Sunday. He's STILL there. I'm not sure if it's because he can't get out or they can't get the "next" shift in, but yeah. His OT is gonna be incredible.

OR you could go read THIS story, as featured just now on storyfinders:

This story is in McKay's point of view, where he goes through the motions (almost appears autistic at times) of life when he is shunned. He loses weight; lemon chicken is served regularly in the commissary. Members of Atlantis finally start treating him better, and eventually Sheppard. McKay points out that Sheppard had a reason to be annoyed at him, but in fact his treatment at the hands of the other members of Atlantis was unfair and Sheppard, through inaction, had endorsed it and that was intolerable.


That story is where angels are born, Jenn.

When that popped up on the flist I opened it up in a new tag. I CAN"T WAIT.

We had a BLIZZARD in Vancouver. With HURRICANE WINDS. This winter is so wtf, I don't even understand it.
TEXAS DOES NOT GET COLD, GOD. Read the memo, honestly.


These are the leisure hours that give birth to not only fic (though fic? also of the good) but a new fandom to love! You must download something or watch it on YouTube. Do it for us, do it for the poor fen stuck at work! Let us live through you!

I got to work before they shut down the campus. I'm grateful for the brain cells I saved by working a half day, but I lost ego points when I bought it, big time, right in front of the only other person crazy enough to brave the ice and try to get to his office today. Empty campus, except for me, and him, and I was flat on my ass.

Dude, I hear you. I've spent the last two days organizing my por--er, fanfic-- and I am BORED OUT OF MY FREAKING MIND.

The only thing left to amuse me is cooking the bacon in my freezer on an anemic hot plate that won't even boil water, and I am HOLDING OUT because that is just pathetic!

Dude. There's always fic.



The Alamo Drafthouse is open if you feel safe to go. Various and dundry coffeeshops are open too.

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