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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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i need drugs now kthx
children of dune - leto 1
So disturbing conversatino number five million and five with Child, age 9, unfortunately comes as a result of that damn chemistry set, in which Child comes in to ask me about:

a.) human cloning.
b.) cloning the Crocodile Hunter (I only wish I were kidding)
c.) cloning *me*
d.) how to transfer cloned memories.
e.) needing a bone fragment

People, I may never sleep again.

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Also, the first thing that leapt into my head then was 'I'd much rather a clone of you than the Crocodile Hunter, better give him some of your bone..'.

I think the insane is catching. Oh.. no.. sorry. Already there.

But think of all the awesome fanfic he can write!

*tilts head* He just might become my science advisor yet.

just... *giggles silly*

*chokes* Okay, that's kind of awesome.

perhaps I'm not right for sympathy; all of the above...

... at age seven. Except it included alien implantation. And access to medical equipment.

He's coming along?

At least you made the least of people he'd like to clone!

I think what he needs is a secret underground lab.

You know, I think I've read that.
No, seriously. Smallville, I'd say.

you *are* going to shove a chair under your bedroom doorknob tonight, just in case?

seriously, this is fabulous - plz to encourage the budding demented scientist, the world just needs more evil masterminds!

wows, if this is at age 9 just imagine the questions the Child will be asking in a couple of years....or not. I think I agree with the chair under the door idea to save your bone fragments and stem cells......just in case

Wow, I wish I could have heard how you answered all those questions. And seen your facial expressions.

Hammacher Schlemmacher's CSI Forensic set for kiddies.

And the matching DNA analysis kit.

There're cheaper versions somewhere out there, but I can't find them right now -- I think it was the Discovery Store?


You are raising this child RIGHT!

Umm... well, IMPO.

I'd say you might wanna lock the pets up at night. When you were looking at him as an infant, did you ever think you'd be having the "no, honey, we don't clone our friends" conversation? Ah, parenthood.

Conversation I had with the 12 year old the other day:
Evilhands, bouncing into the room: "What's evisceration?"
So I tell her.
Evil: "Is that like extinguination?"
Me: "Exsanguination. That means to bleed to death." *thinks* "What the hell are you watching in there?"

So um, yeah.

BTW: SNOW! Up here in Ft. Worth this morning. I talked to my grandparents in Round Rock last night and they were of the same mind you were about it snowing down there. And then my mother emailed me from Portland and it's been snowing at her place, too.

Note to self: Chemistry set comes with unexpected hazards, buy for offspring with caution.

Well, personally, I think this means you're doing something right. At least he hasn't asked you if you can get mutant frogs by putting frog eggs in the microwave. Not that I *ever* asked about that and then was quickly dissuaded by a parental figure.

Better let him know that TV is way ahead of the real world! Currently the state of animal cloing is:
• Some form of abnormality is found in 64% of cattle, 40% of sheep, and 93% of cloned mice, with a large percentage of the animals dying during gestation or shortly after birth.
• High rates of late abortion and early prenatal death occur, with failure rates of 95 percent to 97 percent in most mammal cloning attempts.
• Defects such as grossly oversized calves, enlarged tongues, squashed faces, intestinal blockages, immune deficiencies, and diabetes are common experienced

Um. o.O I guess I would be concerned at this point.

Maybe take to sleeping with one eye open? ;-)

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