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children of dune - leto 1
You know. I'm trying to work out--what with the fact there are snowballs in hell right now, as it is snowing in Austin where empirical evidence shows that you can, in fact, fry an egg on the sidewalk June-September--if SGA has in fact actually surpassed Smallville on my weird-o-meter.

That's really all I have on that one. For deep meaningful episode commentary, here and here.

Okay, the entire novelty of snow flurries has ended, I'm very bored. Very. Very. Bored. Um. Prompts? I'll--coda something? I need something ficcy and mindless and fluffy like snow flurries.

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Um. I need comfort sex and cuddling RIGHT NOW. Shut up. John needs to comfort Rodney in a cozy little B&B. Please. *sniffles*

*snickers* In Pegasus?

Shut up, you! THey should be in a B&B in Scottland after Rodney goes to Visit Carson's Mum (because John totally went with him. In his dress blues.) and Rodney is sad and John just doesn't want to think about it and then at some point there should be cuddling. I am not ashamed, you hear me? I want cuddling! And possibly John being a tiny bit upset in a manly and stoic way that it would never occur to Rodney that John was his best friend, only Carson. But in, as I said, an awkward, stoic, grunting kind of way of which he never speaks, or at least not in any way understandable to anyone but Teyla, who has magical John translating mind powers.

It might be nice to see Rod get it right after 'the principle of exclusion'. But what would Sheppard want?

I was thinking of how bad the sex was for Sheppard's first time, and Rod's slow realization over the course of the story about hey, maybe he did have something to feel guilty about there. And the ending bit with Shep saying 'wow, you really are bad at this.'

So, Rod, determined to do it right for their six month anniversary, give or take, depending on how you define these things, tries, really tries, to do a romantic gesture.

Yet...I'm still not sure he'd be any good at it, not even if he tries.

"Anniversary," Rod says.

Teyla stares at him over the peas with a blank expression. "John does not--" Teyla pauses delicately, like she's searching for just the right word. "He does not seem to put much significance in such things."

John doesn't notice a lot of things. John can tell when someone has been in his lab without his permission (creepy), when the zpm is a single micron off what it should be (interesting) and occasionally remembers regular mealtimes (miracle). Everything else, outside missions, is in a different time-space continuum as far as John's concerned.

"Look," Rod says, trying to keep from speaking between clenched teeth, and only the fact he had a training session with her in four hours keeps him from saying something that will give him a sore ass for the next *week*, "I get that. But it's six months. And John's--" John. Dammit.

"Have you not planned romantic excursions before?" Teyla asks as she takes a bite of meatloaf with a curious expression.

"Of course I have! French Riviera--trust me, you take someone there, it's like--never mind. Romantic dinners, picnics, *I know how to do this*. But--" John's John. Rod has faint and fairly traumatic memories of trying a candlelight dinner.

"But?" she prompts with a waved fork.

"John--" Rod stops short, taking a deep breath. "Do you remember when the fire suppressant system suddenly went off about two months ago?"

Teyla nods then pauses, and Rod can almost see the connections being made. "So that is what happened to the candles."

Rod leans his head into one hand. "And we will never speak of this again. So you see the problem."

Teyla nods sympathetically. "John does not seem the kind to--set much store by these things."

John doesn't. John doesn't care if Rod remembers his birthday or holidays, doesn't care if a meeting goes too long, if a date is broken. John was raised by wolves--and by that, Rod now can say scientists--and none of those things mean a goddamn thing.

But they mean something to Rod, because they've never meant anything before. "I know."

"But it is important," Teyla says, and Rod nods tiredly. "Hmm. Perhaps a trip to the mainland. John likes the beach, does he not?"

"Yeah." Rod closes his teeth over the instinctive denial, because yes, John loves the beach. John loves the beach and the water and surfing even though he sucks at it so badly, because he used to go there with Lorne, spending a half day getting tanned and wet and whatever the hell else they did out there. And Rod is an awesome and completely secure boyfriend in all respects, but he draws a line right here. "Something more--" Us, he wants to say, but it's not like Rod is all that hot for the outdoors and sports anyway, except golf, and yeah, no, that would not go over well at all.

"Where is he? I have not seen him today," Teyla asks, peering around the messhall thoughtfully.

"Daedalus personnel are examining the ZPM," Rod says. "He's--explaining it to them." And possibly throwing his body across it to protect it, if he knows John. John's been invisible the most of the day, forced to interact with Daedalus personnel (which he hates) and give a presentation and demonstration on the their almost-ZPM to several fascinated scientists from Earth.

Rod had gone with him to meet the brass at the SGC, painstakingly going over John's notes with additions in red pen to translate the language of John into something normal human beings could understand. He can remember sweating through the two hours John slammed an entire room through subspace theory like a crackshooter taking out snipers, leaving the dazed and enlightened to wander the halls with blank expressions and no clear idea of what they'd just learned. Rod had wondered, a little awed, what his first defense must have been like. They'd probably never known what hit them.

"Speaking of," Rod says, getting his tray, "I'd better get over there before someone tries to put a hit out on him. If you think of anything--"

"I will think on it," Teyla promises, picking up her own tray. "Have a good afternoon, Rod."

Rod leaves the messhall with the strong impression that Teyla's laughing, but he can't be sure.

Six months. He can figure this out.

Oh, yes! ::beams:: He tries, he really does.

Is it very wrong that most of my immediate reaction to "Sunday" revolves only around seeing John in his dress blues? I'm *sure* other stuff happened in this ep, but... well.

Very. Very. Bored. Um. Prompts?

Hmmm. I wonder what Rodney thinks of John in his dress blues...

Probably the same drooling as us, just--delayed. Esp if he just--you know, unbuttons the jacket. Loosens the tie. Maybe the shirt tails come out.


...I need a moment.

God, John all disheveled in the dress blues is a happy, happy thought.


On a one-year anniversary, some wierd quirk of episodes past resurfaces for a moment of nostalgia. Example: On the one year anniversary of their blending, Cadman shows up in McKay's head for an hour. He thinks he's hallucinating, she thinks she might as well make the best of it and do all those things she wished she'd done last time.

But the ep is up to you.


Would it be unfair of me to prompt?

How about post sunday epilogue, in any fic verse of your choice, mine or yours.


I want Rodney!comfort fic. I'm in a very woobie place with him right now.

How about "Four Things Rodney's Team Did to Comfort Him, and One Thing They Did to Annoy/Shock Him Out of His Funk." ?

(He can be in a funk over anything, it doesn't have to be Recent Events.)

In a recent interview with Paul he said, "This is sci-fi after all, people never stay dead." So I am appeased that Carson will return somehow.

Not to mention, *dress blues*.... ::Droolz::

God. Dress blues. My life is complete.

You could write snow (storm?) it Atlantis? With cuddling. /lame

Ascended!Carson coming back for the sex.


He will glow and wriggle and envelop them with his glowy...glowiness of ascendeness...

I am ignoring all else, because there were dress blues.



I'm a really unfeeling person and horrible to boot, because I saw one screen cap from the funeral no less, of Rodney in his lovely suit and John in his dress blues ::GASP:: and I thought "If they looked happier or just less like they're both going to cry, it could be a snap from their big gay wedding ceremony."

it is snowing in Austin where empirical evidence shows that you can, in fact, fry an egg on the sidewalk June-September

Actually, I think the Statesman disproved that, but the article writer did manage it on his/her dashboard.

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