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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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*slow blinking*
children of dune - leto 1

...I think so.

A snowball's chances in hell just got *exponentially* better.

There are--there are *flurries*.

WOW, I've seen snow only once this winter. It melted right away and since then... regular spring. :)

Hee! It's--just it *does not snow* here.

This is like a momente I should write poetry about or something.

In Austin???

Wow. I lived in TX for about 10 years (San Antonio, Houston), and I don't think it snowed once while I was there.

The big question, though, is: Does it look like the snow will *stick*?

Not sure. *eyes window* It's just--so. There. I am trying to think of an equivalent event of this magnitude and cannot. We just all keep getting up to stare out the window with no idea why this is happening.

and you live in...Texas? (*checks outside to make sure it's not tropical weather in Michigan and we haven't all entered Bizarro Land*)


And here in Chicago, it's not snowing. Maybe you're getting our weather?

I am beginning to suspect so, yes.

Huh. Well, good thing you're home. This call for some hot chocoale ;)

It really does. *goes to look for some*

: O
Dammit what is wrong with the weather this year? give me back my snow! there should be lots of it here now *sulks*

Welcome to your brave new world. *g*

*thinks fondly back to freshman year of college and the Texans and Californians going bananas at the first snow of the year* Take pictures. Of yourselves or the snow.

*thinks less fondly of watching the fallout scene from The Day After* Call the local nuclear power plant. Cuz you're in Texas, yo.

Hilariously, the only snow I've seen this winter is Texas. When it first started it took me a while to figure it out, it was so light, and then I thought, "Hmm, nothing to write home about," before waking my roommate, who immediately called both her mother and her sister to gloat about it.

It's snowing here, too, in PA, but was warmer than las vegas for the last 3 days, it was in the 50s. And now it's going to ruin our fun and get down into the single digits tonight. *cries*

And here I thought moving to Boston would get me snow.

But no, apparently I needed to go to TEXAS.

God, I suck at planning.

Woohoo, and I think it was last year (or the year before) that it was snowing in Houston! I hope it sticks and we get an inch or two.

...But now KXAN's round-the-clock TV coverage is saying that it's turning back to sleet. :(

(Deleted comment)
Hee -- we've got about an inch here at sea level and more on the eastside. And I'm looking out the window right now and seeing more flurries.

We are also slated for a) a Sonics game and b) all that snow freezing into ice tonight.

After this season, I suspect locals here are going to eye the local sports team suspiciously. "A weeknight game? Damn. I guess I better go home to make sure it doesn't rain/snow/wind." The Hawks got all three, and now the Sonics are taking over that with snow both nights so far.