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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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some this, some that, frozen trash cans! life interesting
children of dune - leto 1
There is ice on the ground--ice! here!--and temperatures dipping below thirty F, and you have to understand, this is Austin. We yawn for 105 F--but ice makes us afraid. We do not understand how the stuff we put in tea on hot days falls from the sky. It's disconcerting.

Also, our trashcans frozen closed--plastic! plastic cans!--and so we feel kind of doomed.

For a chilly day, warm fic.

Summer House, Shore Leave, and Sabbatical by rageprufrock - Sheppard/McKay, Eureka crossover, so painfully hysterical I have to read carefully to avoid injuring my stomach with the laughing.

So hugely fun.

Best part:

"Should you guys even be talking about this?" Jack asked desperately. He felt somewhat responsible, having been coerced by Vincent's threat of being denied coffee henceforth at Diem into telling the whole and unvarnished truth. He may have perhaps said some unflattering things of an editorial nature about McKay buying John's silence and suffering with increasingly sexy cars, which to be honest, Jack wouldn't be averse to.

That? Will never stop being funny.


Randomly, swanswan is a horrific, horrific crack dealer. If you need to ask, just go to her lj. It's *there*.

Totally not my fault.


Because it is a slow, lazy frozen--did I mention trashcans frozen shut? So freaking awesome--was unlazy and htmlized my last two fic. I never update this fast. My webpage is disturbed by all the activity.

For those who hate reading on lj due to the breaks.

The Principle of Exclusion and The Forest People.


And...um. Hmm.

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Eeee, website updates, go productive you!

(I got up at two. *hangs head* Cursed watching of the televisions until 6 a.m.)

And it is swanswan, pigeon. *grins*

fixed, fine fine! like my flist isnt' bright enough to figure out where to go!

I feel productive. It's--disconcerting. And there is ice, and like I said, it worries us all.

*pffts* We had inches of snow last night! Inches!

I also have been trying new things with the rabbit. You know how he's freaked out by my floor? Well, I put down a series of rugs leading him from the door to my desk, and now?

Now he is camped out by my feet. *enchanted*

Oh, wait. The hated vaccuum cleaner made him dash for under my bed. (Luckily, I anticipated this and put a rug under there too, because I? Am just that awesome.

*dies* You made him a path. THAT IS SO CUTE!

This is going to sound strange and stalkerish but I am so happy you updated your website. I have nothing to do at work this week (nothing, actual nothing, this is not an exaggeration) and so I was re-reading your fics and was sad because Principle of Exclusion wasn't up yet and I hadn't read it (and I can't get LJ at work).

And now, I can actually look forward to work tomorrow.. *is possibly too easily pleased*

Aww, thank you! I am glad it will entertain!

(Deleted comment)
We are staring at our roads in horror right now. There's this frozen water stuff htat is freaking us out.


Totally not my fault.

I'm not buying it. You're the one who destroyed Rodney's perfect cerulean orb. It's no wonder you like John so much. You're both mean, mean bullies who don't deserve to ever be in the presence of uncomplaining, self-sacrificing St. Rodney. John should just go and get himself killed trying to avenge the theft of St. Rodney's holy virginity. His life isn't worth anything now anyway after he cruelly held Rodney accountable for mistakes John should have protected him from making anyway.

...the weird part is, I think I read those exact words somewhere in a Trinity review.



..the weird part is, I think I read those exact words somewhere in a Trinity review.

Oh God, you probably did. Oh, post-Trinity. The first time I started to seriously wonder if large parts of the SGA fandom really were short bus candidates. SGA is not a subtle show. It doesn't even try to be subtle. Did they miss the whole Rodney's arrogance leads to a deserved comeuppance theme? Are they brain damaged? I mean, I know second-male-lead as poor quivering victim of first-male-lead's vicious bullying is fandom's best beloved, but come on. How is infantilizing your character to the extent where he is some 5 year old in a 40-year-old man's body who must be protected by Mommy and Daddy at all sexy? In fact I mostly find infant!Rodney as sex object deeply creepy.


You've figured me out! All this time my lj has just been a sockpuppet to cover up my deep obsession for Rodney the fluffy bunny. I am so ashamed.

Also, our trashcans frozen closed--plastic! plastic cans!--and so we feel kind of doomed.

I would feel for you - I really, really would, except that it was -54 F just the other day. Therefore I have only mockery for your frozen trashcans. ;)

*sulking* My pain and terror are legion. We are shutting down things! THE ICE WILL GET US!

You are shutting down things?!? We got nearly two feet of snow on New Year's Eve and you'd better believe I shovelled off my car (which, okay, even I found that amusing, but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do) and took some friends out to dinner anyway.

The ice will not get you if you WEAR A TOQUE.

-54 F? Wow. One is led to inquire about the amount of insulation necessary to venture out into temperatures like that. O_O

Well, the above-mentioned toque is a good idea, as is layers, a good winter parka and boots... but that's so not what I was wearing. No, I was wearing a cute knee-length pink coat with matching 30's style hat and, um, slip-on shoes with no heel. *g*

As long as you're only going from your house to the car to the office, we really don't dress as warmly as we should. Unfortunately, it was in this cute but impractical outfit that I sat in my dead car for forty minutes, waiting for it to be ready to jump again - by the time the car was running, I was so cold (especially my fumbly fingers) that I couldn't get the housekey off the keyring so I could go into the house and warm up, and of course I couldn't turn off my car because it might not start again.

So I drove to Tim Horton's a got a coffee. :)

Then, after work, I made myself a kick-ass emergency bag for my trunk, because if there's one thing being half frozen in your driveway is good for, it's cluing you in that being half (or completely) frozen if something goes wrong on the way to a rural school (which is where I had to be yesterday) would be worse. I like to take my lessons where I can.

Of course, I was still wearing my cute pink coat and matching hat. *g*

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