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children of dune - leto 1
Just cried my way through Killa's Star Trek III vid Dante's Prayer. Burst into hysterical tears when Spock said "Jim."

Oh Jim. Oh Spock. Their love is so timeless.

Jesus, where did I download this? Cause man. Totally soggy messy of OTPness over here for a show I never was involved in the fandom of.

Need tissues.

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Gosh, if you figure it out, send me the link. I could use a good cry, and I'm scared to watch Dr. Who's Doomsday, 'cause that wrecked me for days.

If you are ever on AIM or anything, AIM me. seperis on yahoo, jennthemerry on aim.


jess linked there.

You will love. Tell me your reaction when you finish watching!

Thanks for posting the link, that is so beautiful! The "Jim" and then Jim's hopeful happy face!

Oh, please, find the link! K/S vids? *dies*

There are lots and lots of K/S vids out there, many of them made by Killa, but I think she took her site down after the "Closer" and "Knights of the Round Table" fiascoes.

Was that when somebody kept putting them up on YouTube over and over again?

See comment below. :)

I've certainly heard Killa's name before. I've probably seen some of her vids at conventions and on songvid videos over the years, but that's about all I do know.

What happened, if it's okay to ask? Was it one of the more recent cases of unauthorised uploading onto YouTube etc by other folk, or something older?

It was a combination of the continuous uploading to YouTube and some other things which I don't have the right to comment on. It's not like "oooh, can't tell", but it's not my place.

Yep, I understand where you're coming from.

I am in the throes of reading a blog entry by Henry Jenkins, I found by googling, which seems to address some of the questions I raised here. As a longterm fan - both slash and gen - it is interesting, but problematic, to see how the media age is impacting on what we have happily been labouring away at for years. From the little I know, I'd hate to have been in Killa's shoes.

Oh well, off to read the rest of the blog entry.


Well, now that you've found it... ;) That's part of what I was saying wasn't my place to mention.


All hail the power of Google... *g* Except when it brings fandom attention it could well live without. *sigh*

Okay, thanks. The YouTube thing alone seemed frustrating enough to deal with; sorry to hear there was more than that.

Dante's Prayer makes me cry every time, and I was never in the fandom, slash or otherwise. It is an *exceptional* vid.

Killa's K/S fic is one of the few I'd recommend personally, as it's generally not my fandom either. It's good stuff.

Dante's Prayer is the essence of what I want in a slash vid. It is loving and poignant, and the 'Jim' line kills me each time I watch it. I think it makes me cry more often than not. Killa is a brilliant, brilliant vidder.

See? Didn't I tell you? That Kirk/Spock has some timeless umph.

ah, but Trek is the root of all fandom, even if it was never the story of your heart, it's the history that made possible everything else that we love.

BTW - a link to the video is here

And, to dry your tears, may I suggestPerhaps

Thanks for posting that. The second one made me grin a lot.

Jenn. Your name is... Jenn

OMG yes. Killa's vids are all fantastic, but this one especially breaks me everytime.

ST III = Kirk's love song to Spock.
And that scene - just thinking about it makes me all sniffling already.

Yes, that's definitely the definitive fandom. One of the first movies i remember watching as a kidlet too. I think Wrath of Khan and all the films after it stay in my mind. The original cast is a set of gods in their own way. Because my mom is such a Star Trek nut, but i doubt she was ever a slasher. But the devotion to each other is so tangible. I need to watch that vid, just to see what you mean. To this day? Shatner and Nimoy are still pretty close too. I love that aspect of it all.

That whole feeling has been revived in SGA, thankfully. Which is part of why i love this fandom so much.

Oooo. Watched it. *sniffles* Definitely know what you mean. That movie brought back so many memories. No wonder i'm a slasher today! I accepted that devotion without question in both films. AND the original series reruns. Gorgeous and well done video all around. My gods i want to be able to do that. ..

Oh, that is so sweet. Now I'm getting all nostalgic! *sniffles*

I wish I had a higher quality version of this.

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