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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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right, yes, done
children of dune - leto 1
Took my uterus home, stop. Hiding in bed, stop. Heating pad and a quarter pound of solid milk chocolate, stop. If anyone wants me, will be reading the most goofy, adorable, romantic fic I can find, stop. Do not send search parties, stop. Those who find me will be shot on sight.

No stop there.

I wonder if the Ancients had these kinds of problems. If you think about the Wraith as a result of a really bad set of cramps and homicidal tendencies toward the galaxy, they suddenly make an amazing amount of sense.

Maybe the Ancients did not have chocolate?

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Screw the chocolate, motrin (aka ibuprofen) is the premiere drug of choice at this point. Okay, *with* chocolate.

Maybe that's the real reason why the Ancients all ascended. *g*

I do well with Advil LiquiGels, which is just ibuprofen on steroids. And dark chocolate. Lots and lots of dark chocolate.

Hey, come to Mother Egan's tomorrow. I'll be selling my stuff 10-6. I know they have desserts...

I've never tried the LiquiGels, do they work faster? It generally takes 1 hr-1 1/2 hr for the regular ibuprofen to work on me. I always have to take 3 of the ibuprofen, that's the magic number. 2 dulls the pain, but doesn't stop it and 4 pills will stop my period all together.

DUDE. ANCIENT MEN GOT PERIODS TOO. THAT MAKES EVERYTHING SUDDENLY VERY CLEAR. All the Ancient (or ancient-impersonating) men we've met have been grumpy and whiny and generally a pain-in-the-ass, which makes sense because men? not so good with cramps. And all the women are either weirdly serene (ie picturing near future when corporeal mess left behind them) or sturdy and smug, like, HA, now you know how we feel.

Typical. I always knew that if men menstruated, we'd have a wholly different approach to it. I didn't realise it would go so far as ASCENSION, but hey, I'd buy it.

Enjoy the uterus-calming schmoop!

The hell is up with cramps anyway? You'd think it'd be anti-evolutionary to have intense pain and bleeding every single month.

*hugs in sympathy and hands you more chocolate* I have endometreosis, so I know how much it sucks sometimes to be female. *hugs some more*

You could try alcohol too. One time, when I didn't have naproxen available, I went with screwdrivers (and I don't even like vodka!). The pain went away very quickly. It's not for every day, of course, but this once? I say do what you have to do.

And of course the Ancients didn't have chocolate. They were too busy denying their fleshly selves in the quest for ascension.

Goldenbarr Chocolate Vodka. Solves all the feminine worries! And is nummy.

I've actually had better luck with a hot bath than drugs, including Vicodin (which just made my pained moaning less coherent). Sadly, it is not practical during the work day.

If you think about the Wraith as a result of a really bad set of cramps and homicidal tendencies toward the galaxy, they suddenly make an amazing amount of sense.

This makes perfect sense to me.

And that should probably scare me.

On the flip side, I should have something short and goofily McShepish flavored to share tomorrow after Maisie gets done laughing. ;)

Yeah, if you add like a period or PMS induced migraine factored into that then the Wraith suddenly totally make sense. This month as my period was starting (a couple of days ago) I was watching tv and was so annoyed by literally every single person on it I just wanted to take a baseball bat to them all. They urge was there, but thankfully I had a whole box of chocolates to ease me through it.

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